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  1. Sorry currently I'm busy. I will respond to you in couple of days.
  2. Hello everyone. Today I wanna to show you some systems, which I have done some time ago. Maybe you will be interested in. More system coming soon. Weekly ranking Quest Categories Coming soon! Character Trade System Others Contact via Discord: Kolejarz#5744 - Speak only in English, I will try my best. Or eventually in Polish ◕⍘◕
  3. Seriously? This is the easiest thing to do sir... I do it rly asap so if you want better quality just edit it by yourself Just paste the attachment directly in etc/ui/minimap.dds and /etc/ui/minimap/whitemark.sub https://mega.nz/#!lRQX1SBB!xUsbB03b8r9mqBKo3_8vR10e3pFk1VTKBLX6h6b0ZA0
  4. Well.. Image --> etc/ui/minimap/whitemark.sub Color --> root/colorinfo.py = CHR_NAME_RGB_NPC
  5. Hmm you have autism? This is example which let ppl fishing only on map with index 7, just extend it to 1, 21, 41?
  6. char.cpp in void CHARACTER::fishing if (GetMapIndex() != 7) { ChatInfo(("xyz")); -- change to your chat. return; }
  7. JarajTo

    Gameforge sucks

    Old but gold, funny fake
  8. I believe that more than 3500 dungeon instances of same type are possible. Nice one
  9. I think it`s normal attack, on video posted above ninja has 4lvl. Some servers disable the speedhack function because of random kick with bad code. I use similar code, Some servers just allow absurd high attack speed values because they think it's cool or something.. that`s what i mean
  10. So check your skill_proto in db->player and delete 6th skills. 6th skills id: 21, 36, 6, 51 It'll work. If you want to use 6th, add them to skill_table in client.
  11. The following error occurs on all sb? When not, open database > player > skill_proto and delete 6th skills. SB description is in item_desc and the skill name is taken from socket0
  12. Try using forwarding https://access.redhat.com/documentation/en-US/Red_Hat_Enterprise_Linux/4/html/Security_Guide/s1-firewall-ipt-fwd.html
  13. But which data? Everything? When not, check db core logs.
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