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  1. raihan3

    Hi I am looking for English Quest of Official or Metin2 sg . If anyone can share for free then it help me much or if want to sell then comment with your price Quest must fully English and update official version
  2. raihan3

    Can anyone share in English
  3. raihan3

    how can i make just staff can see equip player cant see equip
  4. https://prnt.sc/lybdi3 how can i solve this after followed this tutorial everything fine just mount come 2
  5. raihan3

    hi item name came like that look <ItemDef Vnum="40120" Name="0xC2B5C2B52B30" LocalizedName="0x4576616E74616920496E676865746174" Type="28" SubType="3" Weight="0" Size="1" AntiFlags="28" Flags="1" WearFlags="16" ImmuneFlags="0" Gold="0" ShopBuyPrice="0" LimitType0="7" LimitValue0="5184000" LimitType1="0" LimitValue1="0" ApplyType0="53" ApplyValue0="25" ApplyType1="15" ApplyValue1="5" ApplyType2="16" ApplyValue2="5" Value0="0" Value1="0" Value2="0" Value3="5" Value4="0" Value5="0" Socket0="0" Socket1="0" Socket2="0" RefinedVnum="0" RefineSet="0" AlterToMagicItemPercent="0" Specular="100" GainSocketPercent="0" AddonType="0" /> for client does this type name work ? for client
  6. thanks if it was english then would be much better by the way thanks
  7. raihan3

    hi when i convert item_proto xml to sql and then upload on database game not work and sometime when i upload using query it show error that value1 out of range please help me some one what can i do
  8. yah please upload and if no lycan then is good
  9. dead link reupload please
  10. raihan3

    same problem with me 0713 01:35:30746 :: File "networkModule.py", line 247, in SetGamePhase 0713 01:35:30746 :: File "game.py", line 104, in __init__ 0713 01:35:30746 :: File "interfaceModule.py", line 291, in MakeInterface 0713 01:35:30747 :: File "interfaceModule.py", line 183, in __MakeWindows 0713 01:35:30747 :: File "uiSafebox.py", line 513, in __init__ 0713 01:35:30748 :: File "uiSafebox.py", line 580, in __LoadWindow 0713 01:35:30748 :: File "uiSafebox.py", line 681, in RefreshGuildSafeboxMoney 0713 01:35:30749 :: AttributeError 0713 01:35:30749 :: : 0713 01:35:30749 :: 'module' object has no attribute 'GetGuildMoney' 0713 01:35:30749 ::
  11. looking for metin2 untouched serverfile + client
  12. yah now i dont need cause am on mobile i send you pm with my skype id add me
  13. hi can you add me i need your help on protection and granny update
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