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  1. Sirio

    open [Help] Original

    local rnd = number(1, 10000) local rnd2 = number(1,3333333333333333333) You can change it from these 2 lines
  2. Follow this guide if you want your virtualbox machine as homeroot you'll need portmap too.
  3. Put these two file on your extern/include/boost folder:!w1FVAayD!TfF9iqGyMii5-6YNXP-gmGyA0XhPkvvLvz06GseYzjU
  4. Sirio

    Basic Question

    For the source code for game and binary you could use this: (download visual studio 2013 to compile the binary source) and here is the tutorial to compile the game and db source:
  5. Sirio

    solved SELFONLY Shaman buffs on map

    In char_skill.cpp, under: bool CHARACTER::UseSkill(DWORD dwVnum, LPCHARACTER pkVictim, bool bUseGrandMaster) { if (false == CanUseSkill(dwVnum)) return false; paste: int iArrayIndexSkill[] = {94, 95, 96, 109, 110, 111}; // skill index for (int iBuffSkill = 0; iBuffSkill < _countof(iArrayIndexSkill); iBuffSkill++) { if (iArrayIndexSkill[iBuffSkill] == dwVnum && pkVictim->GetMapIndex() == 26) // map index { ChatPacket(CHAT_TYPE_INFO, LC_TEXT("Say something.")); pkVictim = this; } } Not my code, but i forgot who it is.
  6. Sirio

    solved 7&8 skill bug

    In input_login.cpp try to put under: ch->StartCheckSpeedHackEvent(); this: ch->SkillLevelPacket();
  7. Remove this from char_battle.cpp : if (iEmpire && iMapEmpire && iEmpire != iMapEmpire) { int percent = 10; if (184 <= lMapIndex && lMapIndex <= 189) { if (LC_IsYMIR() == true) percent = 7; else percent = 9; } else { if (LC_IsYMIR() == true) percent = 8; else percent = 9; } dam = dam * percent / 10; }
  8. Sirio

    open CH3 is closing itself? interesting syserr

    Change the ip of adminpage_ip in your IP, localhost or (in all configs) To setup the firewall you can see there: Or if your server provider allow you to setup a customized firewall then, block all the p2p_port from your config files
  9. Sirio

    open CH3 is closing itself? interesting syserr

    You can block the p2p ports from firewall or be sure that in your CONFIG files there is ADMINPAGE_IP: localhost (or simply your ip)
  10. Sirio

    Exchange gui

    in change these 2 lines: net.SendExchangeElkAddPacket(str(money)) with this: net.SendExchangeElkAddPacket(money)
  11. Sirio

    Skill error

    I suggest you to use notepad2 next time.
  12. Sirio

    Change lzo/xtea eternexus

    You must find the 16 exadecimals of xtea and lzo (this are the default key, you must find yours) like this (i use HxD) and then put it in the python file i gave you before
  13. Sirio

    Change lzo/xtea eternexus!t5ElwCrC!4GWAk4bLU1DXm1u3nPGkL8qUuUrQrRjPmSDIPa2MgCM
  14. Sirio

    [CLIENT] Teleportation memory leak

    Where exactly? I cannot find it
  15. Sirio


    Do you have Shoulder Sash system?