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  1. Can you post screen of items in database? After reboot. Primary "window"
  2. flexio

    ah shit here we go again

    Guys what are you talking about? Its just for make you smile, any new exploit not exists
  3. flexio

    ah shit here we go again

    Ch3Hp _TCP_ DSC:
  4. flexio

    open Dropped items

    Change the logic and DO NOT USE DROPS VIA QUEST.
  5. flexio

    CH3HP DDoS

    ch3hp is dead meme
  6. For me lags happend when was 100+ players in view distance. Example delays for equip items. Edit from screen fix problem. And right, packet encryption primary changes auth/loading screen speed
  7. Primary problem with lags is in packet delay- I fixed it by disable packet encryption and little change in void CPythonNetworkStream::GamePhase() *inspired by martysama*
  8. About server performance. You don't need anything big, server is ready for X thousand players by default. Just do not be paranoid about perfomance things. I use novaline only with rewrited select querys to smart pointers, and updated boost. Tested with 2500+ online players without problem (i7-6700, freebsd 12, 32GB RAM, 6 channels). About client perfomance. First - Do not touch ymir texture files, Second - Do not use a lot of trees and objects on the map, Three - Be a good c++ programmer for rewrite some things (btw. i am not).
  9. flexio

    Online status in PM idea

  10. I use this method in all dungeons(include devil tower) +- 2 months without any problem. only with one more dit.
  11. ?????????????????????????
  12. flexio

    open [get_language()] in when ... begin

    Fixed { // make when argument ostringstream os; while (lexstate.lookahead.token == '.') { next(&lexstate); os << '.'; next(&lexstate); t = lexstate.t; //if (t.token == TK_STRING) //t.token = TK_NAME; os << t; lookahead(&lexstate); } current_when_argument += os.str(); change to { // make when argument ostringstream os; while (lexstate.lookahead.token == '.') { next(&lexstate); os << '.'; next(&lexstate); t = lexstate.t; if (t.token == TK_STRING) t.token = TK_NAME; os << t; lookahead(&lexstate); } current_when_argument += os.str(); and in quest use when xxxx.chat."Global[get_language()].blacksmith._title" begin
  13. Hello i did simple multi lang system but with one problem. compiler dont work with [] in "when function" when xxxx.chat.Global[get_language()].blacksmith._title begin i think problem is in luaX_lex(liblua -llex.c) calling read_long_string function (luaX_lex) i just need skip this case for "when.. begin" without affect other quests functions case '[': { next(LS); if (LS->current != '[') return '['; else { read_long_string(LS, seminfo); return TK_STRING; } } (luaX_lex) after skip continue to this. else if (isalpha(LS->current) || LS->current == '_' || LS->current>=0xa0) { /* identifier or reserved word */ size_t l = readname(LS); TString *ts = luaS_newlstr(LS->L, luaZ_buffer(LS->buff), l); if (ts->tsv.reserved > 0) /* reserved word? */ return ts->tsv.reserved - 1 + FIRST_RESERVED; seminfo->ts = ts; return TK_NAME; } with defined something like. || LS->current == '[' || LS->current == ']',.. I tried it myself, but i dont have enough knowledge with liblua. I could cause other problems Does anyone know how to do or is there another possible solution? Thank you
  14. flexio

    CH3HP DDoS

    If somebody will have problem with ch3hp, just send me pm. But simply for not internationall server is good ovh + geo ip block in pf. And For internationall ovh + strong server with good pf rules, kernel limits,... or shit/strong server only with whitelist firewall (best solution for flood).
  15. flexio

    CH3HP DDoS

    Head he have to try it. It's easy fight with him. 4Head