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  1. flexio


    True but in 2004 .
  2. flexio


    1. no instances (players) = no lags. (second gif) 2. Every set loading phase purge loaded things (example effects). Just do it static. You can see first loading on this server take longer. 3. rewrite python part of shops title (too much updates) 4. disable _IMPROVED_PACKET_ENCRYPTION_ (fast auth login) and some python limiters (like in characterselect - 3s delay)
  3. flexio


    i can sell you solution for 5 euro.
  4. flexio

    Its really bad idea do own server if you dont know basic things.
  5. Can you post screen of items in database? After reboot. Primary "window"
  6. flexio

    Guys what are you talking about? Its just for make you smile, any new exploit not exists
  7. flexio

    Ch3Hp _TCP_ DSC:
  8. flexio


    Change the logic and DO NOT USE DROPS VIA QUEST.
  9. flexio

    ch3hp is dead meme
  10. For me lags happend when was 100+ players in view distance. Example delays for equip items. Edit from screen fix problem. And right, packet encryption primary changes auth/loading screen speed
  11. Primary problem with lags is in packet delay- I fixed it by disable packet encryption and little change in void CPythonNetworkStream::GamePhase() *inspired by martysama*
  12. About server performance. You don't need anything big, server is ready for X thousand players by default. Just do not be paranoid about perfomance things. I use novaline only with rewrited select querys to smart pointers, and updated boost. Tested with 2500+ online players without problem (i7-6700, freebsd 12, 32GB RAM, 6 channels). About client perfomance. First - Do not touch ymir texture files, Second - Do not use a lot of trees and objects on the map, Three - Be a good c++ programmer for rewrite some things (btw. i am not).
  13. flexio

  14. I use this method in all dungeons(include devil tower) +- 2 months without any problem. only with one more dit.
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