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  1. Owsap

    open Hide quests

    @ interfaceModule.py ''' 1. ''' # Search self.wndCharacter = uiCharacter.CharacterWindow() # Add below self.wndCharacter.BindInterface(self) @ uiCharacter.py ''' 1. ''' # Search @ def __init__(self): ui.ScriptWindow.__init__(self) # Add below self.interface = None ''' 2. ''' # Search def Show(self): self.__LoadWindow() # Add above def BindInterface(self, interface): from _weakref import proxy self.interface = proxy(interface) ''' 3. ''' # Search def Show(self): self.__LoadWindow() # Add below if self.interface: self.interface.HideAllQuestButton() ''' 4. ''' # Search def Close(self): if 0 != self.toolTipSkill: self.toolTipSkill.Hide() # Add below if self.interface: self.interface.HideAllQuestButton() Not sure if this is what you really want but it will hide quest scrolls when opening the character window and show them again once closed.
  2. Owsap

    3D ART Tatsumaru

    Cool, I really liked that design, the gears give a very nice touch to it! Keep up the good work!
  3. Owsap

    c++ [RLS]Shop EX Renewal

    You must add the value 1 to OnClick column of your shop NPC in mob_proto. Example:
  4. First of all I know this is kind useless but for the sake of enabling and disabling the flash effect in buttons I decided to use the standard flash function because I didn't know an easier way. As for an example, here is a demonstration of the flash effect.
  5. Owsap

    Meme - Thread

  6. Owsap

    Coat hanger for armor (category Misc)

    Nice work, reupload?
  7. Owsap


    Nice work looks awesome
  8. Owsap

    Summer 2019

    Nice work keep it up
  9. It works the same but your way is cleaner, i just didn't feel the necessity of adding a new argument to the CountSpecificItem function, instead i differently added another way of counting the items. Anyway, thanks for making it more cleaner.
  10. When item materials are removed from the refinment process the source item that is beeing refined also get's removed since it's apart of the required item list and this is what causes the game core to crash after any instance like warping. In order to fix this, we can check the source item beeing refined by position, simply by creating a new argument for the function RemoveSpecifyItem with the source item's cell position. char_item.cpp char.h Preview of fix: https://i.imgur.com/9xgfhK8.gifv
  11. Nice work looks nice
  12. Owsap

    [RLS] Quiver-System

    It seems fly effect does not update when you change arrow type, maybe you forgot something in UserInterface. InstanceBase.cpp #ifdef ENABLE_QUIVER_SYSTEM bool CInstanceBase::SetArrow(DWORD eArrow) { if (IsPoly()) return false; if (__IsShapeAnimalWear()) return false; if (eArrow) { CItemData * pItemData; if (!CItemManager::Instance().GetItemDataPointer(eArrow, &pItemData)) return false; if (pItemData->GetType() == CItemData::ITEM_TYPE_WEAPON) { if (pItemData->GetSubType() == CItemData::WEAPON_ARROW) { m_GraphicThingInstance.SetQuiverEquipped(false); m_GraphicThingInstance.SetQuiverEffectID(0); return true; } if (pItemData->GetSubType() == CItemData::WEAPON_QUIVER) { m_GraphicThingInstance.SetQuiverEquipped(true); m_GraphicThingInstance.SetQuiverEffectID(pItemData->GetValue(0)); return true; } } } m_GraphicThingInstance.SetQuiverEquipped(false); m_GraphicThingInstance.SetQuiverEffectID(0); return false; } void CInstanceBase::ChangeArrow(DWORD eArrow) { SetArrow(eArrow); } #endif InstanceBase.h #ifdef ENABLE_QUIVER_SYSTEM bool SetArrow(DWORD eArrow); void ChangeArrow(DWORD eArrow); #endif NetworkActorManager.cpp // Search: pkInstFind->ChangeWeapon(c_rkNetUpdateActorData.m_dwWeapon); // Add below: #ifdef ENABLE_QUIVER_SYSTEM pkInstFind->ChangeArrow(c_rkNetUpdateActorData.m_dwArrow); #endif
  13. Owsap

    open level limit drop metin2

    when 2597.kill begin -- Charon local level_cap = 10 local min_level_limit = npc.get_level() - level_cap local max_level_limit = npc.get_level() + level_cap if pc.get_level() >= min_level_limit and pc.get_level() <= max_level_limit then game.drop_item(19) end end
  14. Owsap

    open A problem with the Taimer

    You have duplicate REAL_TIME in item_proto remove one.