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  1. @VegaS™ I was aware that It was not the best method neither the best code, although it never went trough my mind to try the bugs you mentioned, since it did what it supposed to I stopped there but it was my fault to not try possible erros. Thanks for sharing your correction and making the feature better, also wanna thank everyone that gave their feedback on the same.
  2. @jeddawee Just use localeInfo.NumberToMoneyString uiExchange.py # Search self.OwnerMoney.SetText(str(exchange.GetElkFromSelf())) self.TargetMoney.SetText(str(exchange.GetElkFromTarget())) # Replace with self.OwnerMoney.SetText(localeInfo.NumberToMoneyString(exchange.GetElkFromSelf())) self.TargetMoney.SetText(localeInfo.NumberToMoneyString(exchange.GetElkFromTarget()))
  3. @jeddawee @ uiPickMoney.py # Search str(maxValue)) # Replace with str(localeInfo.NumberToMoneyString(maxValue)))
  4. Hello, came by to share something simple yet helpful for players, someone requested me this feature that allows you to input money with k format on the pick money dialog window, this will enable you to input “1kk” instead of “1000000” Hope it comes in handy for who is planning to use it. GitHub Repository: https://github.com/Owsap/USE_MONEY_K_FORMAT
  5. Owsap


    A possible way to fix this issue is to change the scale of sash when the character is dead, at first I think all characters will be in the same position while laying down so adjusting the z position to -30 should do the trick and would be less weird. @ InstanceBase.cpp /// 1. // Search @ void CInstanceBase::SetAcce m_GraphicThingInstance.SetScalePosition(fPositionX, fPositionY, fPositionZ); // Add above if (IsDead()) fPositionZ -= 30; @ char_battle.cpp /// 1. // Search @ void CHARACTER::Dead GetDesc()->SetPhase(PHASE_DEAD); // Add below LPITEM pkAcce = GetWear(WEAR_COSTUME_ACCE); if (pkAcce && pkAcce->IsEquipped()) this->UpdatePacket();
  6. 2 it is, thanks for all the votes.
  7. 2 takes the lead. Thanks for your opinion.
  8. Thanks for your vote!
  9. Hello community, I am wondering which locale file structure seems more user friendly and easier to manage. What's your opinion? 1. 2.
  10. Owsap

    Hello community, this is my first tool shared on the forum, hope it helps a lot as it helped me. I know @Mali61 has already shared the tool on the forum but mine is open source so you can change what ever you want. The code is not the best but it does what it's supposed to, good uses. Credits: @WLsj24 for setting up the base locale_string.txt for translations. Git: https://github.com/Owsap/LocaleStringBuilder
  11. Owsap

    There is, with a simple Python tool.
  12. Owsap

    First of all, I don’t have any clue about the conversion because I don’t understand the language but I can give my own opinion about him and yourself, honestly, I have never bought any system from him but I’m sure there is no problem with the system what so ever. If it’s his duel system that he made some years ago I’m pretty sure by now if there were any bugs, he had solved them already. “I stayed almost all day, every day with and without him on AnyDesk trying to solve the bugs.” The fact that he tried to help you solve any problems during the implementation of the system tells us that he at least tried to help you and honestly if he would scam you, he wouldn’t waste his time trying to fix problems that you have. Why would he scam you in the first place for 100€ and be seen around with a bad name? It doesn’t make any sense… "December 21, he goes on vacation for 2 weeks and that he must rewrite it when he comes from vacation." Maybe you could have been more patient and things could have turned out better for you, instead, you decided to come to the forum and talk s**t about him, also we are in holiday season, Christmas… We want to take a break and be with our family, doesn’t anyone deserve that? You must understand that no one has the same life as you. Also, I don’t think that any system of this area should be refunded because it takes time to code, could be hours, minutes, there is still work put in to it and just because the system did not work 100% in your environment doesn’t mean that it doesn’t work at all. I’m sorry to say this but the problem here is you.
  13. Owsap


    You can get a VPS SSD for as low as 2.5€, just search the web and you don't have to worry about anything else. A home laptop is not meant to be a home server but to answer your question you can use Microsoft Loopback Adapter of even Hamachi to setup a public connection and together allowing these connections in your Firewall, note that port forwarding is necessary on your router aswell, after all this is configured just use your public IP address to access your server and client.