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  1. .Paradox

    [0.0.4] VS Code Extension for Metin2 Quests

    Nice work, keep it up. Thanks
  2. .Paradox


    Could you please reupload?
  3. .Paradox

    Buy twitter account

    I don't use twitter... but i am pretty sure twitter is Free.
  4. .Paradox

    Meme - Thread

  5. .Paradox

    Gameforge sucks

    Jesus guys, most of you are making it sound we aren't in metin2 for the scams and easy money Im in it for that 1 month online server with a item shop, ain't no way gameforge gonna find my url in time
  6. .Paradox

    [RLS]Improving: Loading about players

    Nah no problem @ xP3NG3Rx explained me what it was. Didn't know about that. No need to be rude...
  7. .Paradox

    [RLS]Improving: Loading about players

    @masodikbela I'm sorry for the off-topic but i am a bit confused with this, you are saying you managed to do a legal contract on a ilegal service (metin2 service)? Because a contract is backed up by the Law, unless your contract is something you wrote on notepad i can't see how that would work. Keeping the on-topic, good job and keep it up.
  8. .Paradox

    Meme - Thread

    Step by step turkish @martysama0134 will release v20 soon
  9. Great work, and don't worry about people not "caring" about this. For example i have been following your updates but i lack the time to actually use it and test it. But i am very insterested in it, i think you are doing a great job helping out different people in the metin2 community so keep it up.
  10. Very very very bad
  11. .Paradox

    Please nooooooo

    No one is saying they have problems with gays. Just that they have problems for how stupid it is to do this.
  12. .Paradox

    Please nooooooo

  13. .Paradox

    Please nooooooo

    metin2dev chaging its colours to this is probably the dumbest thing i have ever seen in all of metin2 history.
  14. Hi everyone! This PSD was released a few months ago but all the download links are off. Does anyone have it that he could share with me? 
  15. .Paradox

    Meme - Thread