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  1. Shang

    open unpacker for foxfs

    Unpacking clients outside the official one.
  2. Shang

    open unpacker for foxfs

    Wasn't this banned on this forum?
  3. Shang

    open Letters stuck on screen

    Does it happens with all the quests or just this one? If it's just this one, can u share the code, please?
  4. Shang

    open RenderTarget System Scale Problem

    These files can help you.
  5. Shang

    [RELEASE] Eligara / Aligra Client Design

    It works perfectly.!cPhWBIrb!J9ydnNNqucGfIe91W7ADvlQOkiwWfvCsLbGrw-VccAI
  6. Shang

    Please nooooooo

    You don't have to be gay to be in favor of the cause.
  7. Shang

    open GUI Class hidding what's outside of it

    If you have Dx9 this link could be usefull:
  8. Shang

    solved Render Target Problem

    It seems it is rendering but the model is too big. You can try to adapt the "responsive" camera that penger released from illustrated in the same post.
  9. Shang

    [File Requist] Transparent dds

    He's just requesting something, but damn, 3 years ago.
  10. Shang

    c++ [RLS]RenderTarget

    That happened to me and is not a render target problem is just a map problem (maybe when rendering). And after so much debug I found a "solution", you can solve it just giving the (0, 0, 0) position to the model instance when you create it. EterLib/CRenderTarget.cpp ->
  11. Shang

    Metin2 - Unstuck character function

    Maybe from Akami2.
  12. The 1.jpg image must be in d:/ymir work/ui. When using .sub the default path is d:/ymir work/ui. You can change this on binary src.
  13. Shang

    [GF-Servers] Channel ID Reminder

    Guys we have a very recent root scripts and if you open the you'll see they use a cmdchat every login on the game.