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  1. Galet

    Why do we still have this kid here? He also uses the ressources for his outdated 2010 port of the game that he sells for 120k (or 10k because of the accurate 50% discount)
  2. "Why do you help the community moving on". No matter what system one server can have, a shitty server stays a shitty server due to many other reasons
  3. Galet


    Compilling will take ages on it, I mean, it will be kinda long. But you can use it to host your local server if you want
  4. Galet

    You just relieved the guy I was in 2007, frustrated of having a +9 shield that I was unable to show and that was unable to shine. Continue on this project! If you can pull out a better model (maybe bigger and with a more "professional" texture) I'm sure your system will become a must have. Congratulations!
  5. Hello, Do you mean something like that? But instead of % you want seconds? https://en-wiki.metin2.gameforge.com/index.php/Stone_of_Cooldown
  6. Galet

    Wonderful, you are a madman
  7. Galet

    New link (v2.8.9) : https://drive.google.com/open?id=10Z3I-t8gMOOLqNHFmHb-nzLlqs1tu6KR
  8. That's really cool the way you did, thanks! However, there is also the good old "time.strftime('[%X]')" that does the same as the thing he asked for
  9. Galet


    Hello, You need to use sources... It's a "SetSyncOwner" default
  10. That's already in the sources, you need to define it if it is not working right off the bat, then put the video in your client and name it "logo1.avi"
  11. How dares he share a complete update of a skill with a wrong path to an image in the effect?! I would ten times keep the old skill without effect error
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