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  1. JarajTo

    [Just Ask]

    You have changed the free project to worse version ( ཀ ʖ̯ ཀ)
  2. JarajTo

    c++ Proplem i need fix

  3. JarajTo

    open level limit drop metin2

  4. JarajTo

    [Bugfix]Dungeon music

    I believe that more than 3500 dungeon instances of same type are possible. Nice one
  5. JarajTo

    c++ Fix Moblock/bravery cape hack

    I think it`s normal attack, on video posted above ninja has 4lvl. Some servers disable the speedhack function because of random kick with bad code. I use similar code, Some servers just allow absurd high attack speed values because they think it's cool or something.. that`s what i mean
  6. JarajTo

    open Skillbook display problem

    So check your skill_proto in db->player and delete 6th skills. 6th skills id: 21, 36, 6, 51 It'll work. If you want to use 6th, add them to skill_table in client.
  7. JarajTo

    open Skillbook display problem

    The following error occurs on all sb? When not, open database > player > skill_proto and delete 6th skills. SB description is in item_desc and the skill name is taken from socket0
  8. JarajTo

    open Internal IP redirect to public IP (Linux)

    Try using forwarding https://access.redhat.com/documentation/en-US/Red_Hat_Enterprise_Linux/4/html/Security_Guide/s1-firewall-ipt-fwd.html
  9. JarajTo

    open Someone who knows freebsd

    But which data? Everything? When not, check db core logs.
  10. JarajTo

    python Skills cooldown tooltip

    Nice idea, like in league of legends. I like it, thanks.
  11. JarajTo

    open Bug Test server?

    This is too bad, TEST_SERVER: 0
  12. JarajTo

    [Preview]M2-Server Ranking list

    Looks great but in Deutsch. I suggest to add en
  13. JarajTo

    Automatic ChangeLog System

    I think that adding such things as this one, biolog in panel, mission in panel is one big no sense. It kills npc/server board. But nobody is stupid like gameforge which add auto hunting System performance is probably good but as i wrote above, it does not make sense.
  14. JarajTo

    open Sash in inventory

    Send me pm with files: pythonitemmodule, gametype and inventorywindow.py from locale
  15. JarajTo

    open Sash in inventory

    Yes, you can. Just change the slot in binary, UserInterface/gametype.h / pythonitemmodule.cpp Don`t forget to edit inventorywindow from your`s locale. protip: Do it like shield