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  1. DevChuckNorris

    Temporary manual account activation

    Hello community, due to high amount of account registrations of banned and spam users we have activated manual account activation. So the account registration can need currently up to 2 days. Thanks for your understanding. Best regards, metin2dev Team
  2. DevChuckNorris

    c++ Official GF Aura System

    ... #closed btw: you should really work on your code quality.
  3. DevChuckNorris

    Nightmare dungeon

    Fantastic. I like the style. And thank you again for your inspiration
  4. DevChuckNorris


  5. DevChuckNorris

    [C++] Load Aura Effects at startup

    Could you please stick with the topic? Thanks. Best regards
  6. DevChuckNorris

    Privacy statement

    Hello community, we know that privacy is important to all of us. Therefore I will explain a little bit of what we store about you, why we store this, how long we store this, and how you can contact us regarding your privacy. Data we store: We store your email address which you provided us in your registration. Reason: We need to know this to provide you a way to recover your account. Data duration: As long as your account exists We store your ip address which you used to access metin2dev Reason: We need this information to prevent abuse of our services like multi account etc. Data duration: 30 days We store all access data to metin2dev including your ip address, browser, date of request Reason: To prevent abuse and increase the security of metin2dev Data duration: 14 days To comply with the GDRP law you have the option to request all associated data to your account. For this please contact please make sure that you must contact us with your email address associated to your account. This is required because the exported data may contain sensitive data. Also you have the option to anonymize all your personal data. This won't remove the content you posted here, it will just erase the association with your account, all stored ip address, all stored access data, and your account. For this you must contact us at also with your email address associated to your account. Request from email addresses without an associated account can't be processed, because we have no way to make sure that you are the original account holder. I hope this make it more clear to you what we store and why. If you have any more questions please don't hesitate to contact us at Kind regards, metin2dev
  7. DevChuckNorris

    open question about c++

    Are you serious? We do most of the work in this board in our spare time, we all have work. You should be respectful to all users, and yes @Exygo should it too. BUT you should be especially respectful to all our team members. AND you should follow our rules, which you definitely didn't do in this case. You now have a little bit of time to think about how you reacted, and to reread our rules. Kind regards, DevChuckNorris
  8. DevChuckNorris

    Can I change my name?

    Hello, we have decided that you current "username" is not really a username therefore you are allowed to change your name for free. Please send me your new username, and I will change it for you. Kind regards
  9. DevChuckNorris

    Attachments remove

    Maybe you should read the news next time:
  10. DevChuckNorris

    WoM3: The Path of the Dragon

    Looks nice, good luck
  11. DevChuckNorris

    open Special Storage Brutal FAILS.

    If you purchased the system contact the owner for help. We don't provide support for leaked systems. #closed Links removed
  12. DevChuckNorris


    Updated again, please also read:
  13. DevChuckNorris

    Regarding deleted releases

    Hello community, We have detected a high amount of members who edit releases to remove these. This is against our forum rules (we clarify this now). To prevent this in the future we have changed that a normal member can only edit content 14 days after original posting. If you are in a special group like Developer you can edit your content unlimited, but if you violate against the new rule and use the edit function to delete your releases, we will recover your release and revoke your group. I hope all of you understand these changes to the rules and the requirement for these changes. Kind regards, metin2dev administration
  14. DevChuckNorris


  15. DevChuckNorris

    We are now reachable under

    Hello community, we are now reachable under the new gTLD All old links will redirect you to the new corresponding link, we will keep the old domain active so all old links will still works fine. Kind regards metin2dev - Administration