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  1. DevChuckNorris

    We are now reachable under

    Hello community, we are now reachable under the new gTLD All old links will redirect you to the new corresponding link, we will keep the old domain active so all old links will still works fine. Kind regards metin2dev - Administration
  2. DevChuckNorris

    solved #Solved

    I have to remind you that only english is allowed here. §1 Language (1.1) Language The language in this board is english. If you want to post something in your own language always add an english translation. The only exception for this rule is this section: Private Servers
  3. DevChuckNorris

    The end of social media? [WE NEED YOUR HELP]

    The fight is not over yet. We need your help to save the internet as we know it. Contact your representatives!
  4. DevChuckNorris

    Increase of 500 Server Errors

    We have reactivated some customizations and keeps monitoring the operation of metin2dev. Kind regards metin2dev Administration
  5. DevChuckNorris

    Increase of 500 Server Errors

    Hello community, we are investigating a high increase of internal server errors. We will inform you when the problems are resolved. While analyzing these errors it may appear that some features of metin2dev are unavailable. Kind regards, metin2dev Administration
  6. DevChuckNorris

    open Mobs verlieren Focus

    (1.1) Language The language in this board is english. If you want to post something in your own language always add an english translation. The only exception for this rule is this section: Private Servers Please provide an english translation.
  7. DevChuckNorris

    open gr2 mesh remover

    Ask the author of the model. We don't support something like this here.
  8. Hello everybody, many people ask how they can purchase VIP or advertisement, because currently the store doesn't work. So if you want to support us you have two possible options to do this: Purchasing VIP (15 euros for 3 years) You get access to the shout box You get access to a vip area metin2dev stays ad-free for you Purchasing Advertisement (20 euros for 1 month) 468 x 60 banner on top of the page 250k views per month If you are interested in purchasing VIP or an advertisement please contact @DevChuckNorris and @.PolluX via direct message. Payment is via PayPal. Please keep in mind it's not our goal to earn money with metin2dev, we just want to keep the income and outcome equal. Kind regards, metin2dev - Administration
  9. DevChuckNorris

    {Bug} Show Time of Thread

    I have updated the German language file. It should now works again.
  10. DevChuckNorris

    Maintenance 8.11 19.30 CET

    The maintenance is done, the following changes were made: Updated IP:Board to latest version Enable Unicode Emoji support, the emoji selector has now some more to select from (you can even use your mobile emoji keyboard) Emojis typed with mobile keyboard may not work correctly in shoutbox Changed database encoding Updated German language pack Thanks for you patience.
  11. DevChuckNorris

    Maintenance 8.11 19.30 CET

    Hello, today (08.11.2018) at 19.30 CET we will make a short maintenance. Expected duration is 30 minutes, during the maintenance the board may be unreachable. Kind regards metin2dev Administration
  12. DevChuckNorris

    Amnesia of Domestic Authority

    Hello everyone, due to feedback we have revoked all domestic authority bans (order to stay away). If a person had a domestic authority ban before and get banned again, we will issue again a domestic authority ban. Kind regards, metin2dev - Administration
  13. I will translate the article soon. TL;DR Against the owner of Cyperia anderen Hardcore Reloaded fined 90 daily sentances à 20 euro and forced to spend 3.000€ to Gaming Aid.
  14. DevChuckNorris

    open How to debug client binary

    You can add the binary in the client as a project in the client source solution. Then you can set this as the start target. Then you can start the client from visual studio, and you should be able to see the crash.
  15. DevChuckNorris

    Can't change gender

    I changed the Gender field to editable. Also I added the "Something else"-Option for everyone who don't fit into Male or Female.