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fantom5 - don't sell him


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Hi devs,
Today i want to warn you about one person here on the forum. He want buy a lot of things.

Yesterday he bought from me models for 200€. I gave him 100€ sale discount. He paid, i sent him the files, everything was ok.

Today, he made refund of the money. So, don't sell anything to this person.


Have a nice day

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Maybe if you accept only payment with option "Send money to a family member or a friend" the customers can't refund the money.

Or if you create a "merchant button" for the customers, they can't refund too (I'm not sure about this, but this refund option in paypal very annoying)

The one and only UI programming guideline

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Thanks for the information. 

4 hours ago, ds_aim said:

This is his skype, he have two or more id  http://prntscr.com/9ec2fg

He wanted to buy the new pet system from me, but I didn't trust him and ignored him on my skype address.

1 hour ago, .plechito' said:

YEah this and for me he used this skype:


As I remember, he wanted to buy SafeGuard, Pet System, and Offline Shop from me.

In the last days, everything started to be dangerous for us. Also, someone started to use my nickname to sell something on the forums. You shouldn't believe a kind of that people, I only have two accounts on two forums. (E*pvp and This forum)

About plechito

I'm sorry to hear that. You didn't deserve this... Next time, just be careful.

Kind Regards ~ Ken

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Do not be sorry, be better.

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I can confirm that guy is scamming. He wanted to buy my metin2 cms. He sent payment on paypal, i sent him cms and then he opened refund dispute.

fortunately paypal did not grant refund and i have my money back aswell but i definitely do not recommand you to trade with him

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