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How To Block M2Bob Loading In Client

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In Client Source



Add this inculde

#include "../EterBase/Random.h"



sprintf(szClassName, "eter - s%x:b%x:p:%x", style, brush, (DWORD)pfnWndProc);


	sprintf(szClassName, "eter - s%x:b%x:p:%x:%d", style, brush, (DWORD)pfnWndProc, random_range(1, 99999));


Rebuild and enjoy, After this modification m2bob module isn't find game process

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Shut ,while ago you accused him of stealing protections M2BobFixed(IDIOT)

If I were in his place, I do not post anything like that.

Are you telling me, are you clown! He has published something and, If you have any problems reclamale him! clown

I like post!

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