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Hy, someone know the echivalent of  


in lua 5.3 ?  

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5.3 is the latest release.

Metin use a release from 2004 :))




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Solved :D


Now lua work like a charm.  Just replace 



int lua_gc (lua_State *L, int what, int data);

But be carefuly this take 3 arguments.

Documentation: http://www.lua.org/manual/5.3/manual.html#lua_gc

Lua 5.1 Garbage Colector is good enough on its default settings. Only embedded systems may require Garbage Colector  tuning.


This is the original lua from kraizy.tgz  definiton of Garbage Colector.

** garbage-collection functions
LUA_API int   lua_getgcthreshold (lua_State *L);
LUA_API int   lua_getgccount (lua_State *L);
LUA_API void  lua_setgcthreshold (lua_State *L, int newthreshold);

2 arguments.

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