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Warrior Bunny Fixed


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i find a little bug on the warrior bunny and then my partner made this model again and i want leave here for u guys the new GR2 alrdy fixed. Just need put it on the epk "metin2_patch_easter1" on warrior male folder and all done.




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@InyaProduction, yeah, seems like there's no bug. Looks like movement speed is in minus range serverside.


It's not. That was the first thing I checked.

The .gr2 I use seems buggy too.

when you return 0 and server doesn't boot:


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Omg thanks! We couldn't find what was wrong with it :D



One guy reply my post in other forum and he said is a problem of granny 2.8/9







I edit the download link to fix the texture for the face was with a wron name (warrior_cara.dds)

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What was the problem with this model btw? I believe I have a similar situation with another model, not being load properly. 

It should be loading standing up, but it isn't. It's laid down. What would the solution be?


EDIT: problem solved. 

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