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Shop packet mismatch




After changing max stack to 500 I encountered strange bug. When you try to buy something from npc of player shop or even close shop window, the client closes with this error:

Process: SEQUENCE 3a657c00 mismatch 0x46 != 0x0 header 50
Left value of mismatch is different every time. I checked struct for this packet in client and server and they do match.

Everything else(moving, dropping, trading between characters works like a charm).

Any help will be appreciated.


syslog from before the disconnect

Jun  3 00:18:24.543529 :: OnClick Vendor[vnum 9003 ServerUniqueID 10092, pid 0] by Patafian
Jun  3 00:18:24.543546 :: CQuestManager::Click(pid=48, npc_name=Vendor) - target_info(0)
Jun  3 00:18:24.543574 :: Click Quest : MatchingQuest
Jun  3 00:18:24.543606 :: reallocating buffer to 8192, current 1024
Jun  3 00:18:24.543695 :: SHOP: START: Patafian
Jun  3 00:18:29.302057 :: Packet Analyze [Header 50][bufferLeft 6] 
Jun  3 00:18:29.302106 :: CInputMain::Analyze() ==> Header [50] 
Jun  3 00:18:29.302124 :: CInputMain::Shop() ==> SubHeader 0
Jun  3 00:18:29.302161 :: SHOP: END: Patafian
SYSERR: Jun  3 00:18:29.302188 :: Process: SEQUENCE 3a657c00 mismatch 0x46 != 0x0 header 50
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