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[HELP]Unlimited arrow



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Try change this


void CHARACTER::UseArrow(LPITEM pkArrow, DWORD dwArrowCount)
int iCount = pkArrow->GetCount();
DWORD dwVnum = pkArrow->GetVnum();
iCount = iCount - MIN(iCount, dwArrowCount);
if (iCount == 0)
LPITEM pkNewArrow = FindSpecifyItem(dwVnum);
sys_log(0, "UseArrow : FindSpecifyItem %u %p", dwVnum, get_pointer(pkNewArrow));
if (pkNewArrow)
to this
void CHARACTER::UseArrow(LPITEM pkArrow, DWORD dwArrowCount)
or remove function
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in char_battle.cpp

Function: CHARACTER::UseArrow

Remove or comment this part


And find this(not one, multi part)

m_me->UseArrow(pkArrow, iUseArrow);

Remove or comment this parts

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Oke, I comment all function :


void CHARACTER::UseArrow(LPITEM pkArrow, DWORD dwArrowCount)
//int iCount = pkArrow->GetCount();
//DWORD dwVnum = pkArrow->GetVnum();
//iCount = iCount - MIN(iCount, dwArrowCount);
//if (iCount == 0)
//LPITEM pkNewArrow = FindSpecifyItem(dwVnum);
//sys_log(0, "UseArrow : FindSpecifyItem %u %p", dwVnum, get_pointer(pkNewArrow));
//if (pkNewArrow)
All working when I use skill or kill mob arrow don't disappears.
Now help me with change getting up where change this time ?
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