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[Question] Level Dif's Won't Work (have altered configs to match)

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Hi there,


After being required to use a new clean gamefile I've been sorting out the dif's. I've made sure all my configs match the dif I patched, I even tried lower levels but for some profound reason it hasn't worked. this is also the same for the attribute points, I raised them to 125 but they wont go past 100, although that could be from a config that i'm missing?


This difference file is created by The Interactive Disassembler

0009595E: 78 FA



I used the game file from https://mega.co.nz/#!aNp3CJCa!UYpjfJvzWPDejhOTysXTqa-o0bQ_JsC5Q6emudCCQc4


Thanks, any & all help is appreciated!





For some reason that dif didnt work for my game file, the one below sets the maximum level to 250, but for some profound reason ingame, when using the command I still can't go above 120, even tho the animation for leveling shows when i type "/level 250" it also shows max level 250 when starting the server.

I've changed all the core configs throughout ch1 and game99, is there something i'm missing? i can't find anything else :/.


This difference file has been created by IDA Pro

000A238E: 78 FA
005A41D0: 63 FA


Using Di'fs from http://blackyuko.com/en/Download.html worked

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