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GF animation background


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I think the most people seen that...






But no everybody knows how to set mp4 background...

In the rar are 50 jpg images.. so u can make animation background via ani_image in python...



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Code for lazy :)

Insert images into locale_de/locale/de/ui/login/

In loginwindow.py search:

            "name" : "bg2", "type" : "expanded_image", "x" : 0, "y" : 0,
            "x_scale" : float(SCREEN_WIDTH) / 1024.0, "y_scale" : float(SCREEN_HEIGHT) / 768.0,
            "image" : "locale/de/ui/login.sub",

and replace with:

			"name" : "bg1", "type" : "expanded_image", "x" : 0, "y" : 0,
			"type" : "ani_image",
			"x_scale" : float(SCREEN_WIDTH) / 1920.0, "y_scale" : float(SCREEN_HEIGHT) / 850.0,
			"delay" : 3,
			"images" :
			"locale/de/ui/login/log 01.jpg",
			"locale/de/ui/login/log 02.jpg",
			"locale/de/ui/login/log 03.jpg",
			"locale/de/ui/login/log 04.jpg",
			"locale/de/ui/login/log 05.jpg",
			"locale/de/ui/login/log 06.jpg",
			"locale/de/ui/login/log 07.jpg",
			"locale/de/ui/login/log 08.jpg",
			"locale/de/ui/login/log 09.jpg",
			"locale/de/ui/login/log 10.jpg",
			"locale/de/ui/login/log 11.jpg",
			"locale/de/ui/login/log 12.jpg",
			"locale/de/ui/login/log 13.jpg",
			"locale/de/ui/login/log 14.jpg",
			"locale/de/ui/login/log 15.jpg",
			"locale/de/ui/login/log 16.jpg",
			"locale/de/ui/login/log 17.jpg",
			"locale/de/ui/login/log 18.jpg",
			"locale/de/ui/login/log 19.jpg",
			"locale/de/ui/login/log 20.jpg",
			"locale/de/ui/login/log 21.jpg",
			"locale/de/ui/login/log 22.jpg",
			"locale/de/ui/login/log 23.jpg",
			"locale/de/ui/login/log 24.jpg",
			"locale/de/ui/login/log 25.jpg",
			"locale/de/ui/login/log 26.jpg",
			"locale/de/ui/login/log 27.jpg",
			"locale/de/ui/login/log 28.jpg",
			"locale/de/ui/login/log 29.jpg",
			"locale/de/ui/login/log 30.jpg",
			"locale/de/ui/login/log 31.jpg",
			"locale/de/ui/login/log 32.jpg",
			"locale/de/ui/login/log 33.jpg",
			"locale/de/ui/login/log 34.jpg",
			"locale/de/ui/login/log 35.jpg",
			"locale/de/ui/login/log 36.jpg",
			"locale/de/ui/login/log 37.jpg",
			"locale/de/ui/login/log 38.jpg",
			"locale/de/ui/login/log 39.jpg",
			"locale/de/ui/login/log 40.jpg",
			"locale/de/ui/login/log 41.jpg",
			"locale/de/ui/login/log 42.jpg",
			"locale/de/ui/login/log 43.jpg",
			"locale/de/ui/login/log 44.jpg",
			"locale/de/ui/login/log 45.jpg",
			"locale/de/ui/login/log 46.jpg",
			"locale/de/ui/login/log 47.jpg",
			"locale/de/ui/login/log 48.jpg",
			"locale/de/ui/login/log 49.jpg",
			"locale/de/ui/login/log 50.jpg",

Change "delay" : 3, their choice .

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Hey guys, im trying to put the same code to the "selectcharacterwindow" too, it runs the login and character together but when i get in game map ( for example the city ) the client closes and give me error to load the client...


If i run just 1 of them, the client works finelly, but the problem its with the 2 scripts together.


Can anyone tell me if i have to put another script, or tell me what it is? please will be greatful :)

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i added this and i have a problem. I have to wait 10 seconds for the animation to appear. In these 10 seconds the screen is black. I want to mention that this tutorial works. It's just that the black screen appears before and it takes about 10 seconds for the background to appear.


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