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Problem with Client/Binary



Hello everybody,


I have problem with client. I have built a Binary with Python 2.7 (mainline_releasedmainline_sgSrcsClient), but when I start it, it´s everythink ok but after loading screen the client fall down with this error:

<<< 0313 16:43:49401 :: 
uiCharacter.py(line:399) __LoadWindow
uiCharacter.py(line:152) __LoadScript
ui.py(line:2818) LoadScriptFile
ui.py(line:3008) LoadChildren
ui.py(line:3008) LoadChildren
ui.py(line:3008) LoadChildren
ui.py(line:2864) LoadChildren
ui.py(line:3091) LoadElementButton

CharacterWindow.__LoadWindow - <type 'exceptions.OverflowError'>:Python int too large to convert to C long

0313 16:43:49401 :: ============================================================================================================
0313 16:43:49401 :: Abort!!!!

Can anyone help me?

Thank you a lot.


Best regards,




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Take a look this comment by .Alpha.
Here is a quick tutorial if you don't understand how to use the CTOA:
1. Add this to system.py:

def StringColorToInt(colorstring):
	import grp

	colorstring = colorstring.strip()

	if len(colorstring) != 8:
		raise ValueError, "input #%s is not in #AARRGGBB format" % colorstring

	a, r, g, b = colorstring[:2], colorstring[2:4], colorstring[4:6],colorstring[6:8]
	a, r, g, b = [int(n, 16) for n in (a, r, g, ]

	return grp.GenerateColor(float(r) / 255.0, float(g) / 255.0, float( / 255.0, float(a) / 255.0)

__builtin__.CTOA = StringColorToInt

Search for 0xff codes in the client root/locale/uiscript and change them like this:

0xffFFB96D = CTOA("ffFFB96D")
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Branch: novaline

Mode: Release

Resolved almost all warnings and errors I've found.

I used original granny2.dll and granny2.dll from include_stuff and no one works. Why? What I am supposed to do?


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It seems that you have problem with your granny2.dll


I know that. That's why I specified that I used two different dlls. I downloaded official client and I took granny2.dll from that and now it opens. Now let's repair all the errors xD

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I did that and now I get this


Search for: import __builtin__ and add EXACTLY under the code, but first check indent (tabs).

Question: I found codes that begins with 0x77 instead of 0xFF, shouldn't I replace these too?

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