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[error]Launcher 40250 Game



Hi guys, does anyone know a launcher that works with the 40250 game rev? Whenever i try invoice 2013 launcher (starter) it gives this error.


Im using the maxmi 3.6 serverfiles with the client (aphium2)


I really want to play with my friends but they can only log on with the launcher which doesn't work.

Does anyone have a launcher that works with this client, or is there another away for my friends to connect to my server without launcher if so please tell me soo.

Really appreciate.

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Goto all .py scripts in pack/root and replace True with TRUE and False with FALSE


Kind regards


Thanks i did that and althought it doesn't appear any errors anymore, the client instantly opens and closes again :X i change all the False to FALSE and True to TRUE.


EDIT maybe this helps:

1109 14:47:00977 :: Failed to load script file : UIScript/PopupDialog.py
1109 14:47:00978 :: 
ui.py(line:2765) LoadScriptFile
LoadScriptFile!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - exceptions.AttributeError:'module' object has no attribute 'DRAGON_SOUL_EQUIPMENT_SLOT_START'
1109 14:47:00978 :: ============================================================================================================
1109 14:47:00978 :: Abort!!!!
1109 14:47:00991 :: ============================================================================================================
1109 14:47:00991 :: Abort!!!!
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go to locale_game.txt in your locale_xx.exi/epk


and add



strange i did what u said and still the same error look:




and then this 71a09a9954.png

i have no idea :X, for example when i used a 34k client the launcher works perfectly but when i tried in this 40k game client the launcher is just full of erros:X

therefore all my friends that previously played with me, cannot play anymore since the launcher isnt working and i don't know how to put my server into no launcher needed. 

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