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Wolfman release is realy near!


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"Yeah earning more money" - CEO of Gameforge


Kind regards



Yeah Gameforge only know how to earn more money on players. And they're famous with blocking video on youtube ahaha :)


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Do not be sorry, be better.

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(Warning, fully MLG interpretation incomin', prepare your Doritos, your Mountain Dew and put your glasses.)


Threes scratches, like Metin3, sources released by Ymir like a gift for us, somes old and unfinished functions are comming and official server will be guinea pig of the Metin3.


420% finished. :rolleyes::D


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I can't imagine all characters having 2 sexes and this having one.

I also can't imagine a wolf'woman' character like no difference on face.

Lol and imagine a wolfman leveling on wolfs and getting quests with killing wolfs.

Lol imagine a wolfman kissing a female shaman (it would hurt her) or marrying with her (it would hurt her more.)

This is my favourite game ever & I want the game to have updates but not like this, maybe I'll get used to it but now I think it doesn't fit with the theme (like many of the latest updates). I'd hope a better idea from YMIR, but that's what they still do from devils catacomb update. (I don't want to say they make the worst updates, I like most of them but some of them are not good.) And from what I saw on YouTube its most of the skill icons are from 2003 early beta Shaman/etc. skills. It will bring bugs. (Their server merges caused problems still hasn't fixed. But I like GF's open beta test server idea it's really genius.) Maybe with the final release I'll change my mind.

But I'd be here for a new server side leak.

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As far as I know you have to have a normal char with max level to unlock the new char.
Also the Wolfman doesn't walk while hitting enemies, so its useless for pvp.
It's only a prestige object for people who get max. level I guess.

And gameforge is publisher of so many games.

They buy every single browsergame available in germany... I gues they don't have any money issues ^^

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