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Hi, I recived 2 emails from WOM. And I want to know if are real:


We received a sql-injection so you'll have to request the password change via this address: [email protected] with the following credentials: ACCOUNT ID : NICKNAME : Current Password : New Password : E-MAIL : Metin2.co.nz Staff.


We received a sql-injection so you'll have to request the password change via this address:
[email protected]
with the following credentials:

  • Account ID:

  • Current Password:

  • Email:

Regards, Juan.



If not real i want to warn Shogun.

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TEC Interactive infected one of Eterhost staff with a RAT early on August. On the 8th of August, they destroyed many customers data, and also downloaded the wom database and files, thereafter deleting them.


We forced a password change for WoM players after the incident, so accounts were not compromised.


At the obvious question: is WoM not secure? The answer is:


WoM has probably better security than any other Metin2 server! But no other Metin2 server that has two full time script kiddies (Clad3815 and Exsta) being paid to try to shut it down for over a year. At this very moment I am writing this, WoM is getting a continued DDoS attack for over 48 hours. It is being blocked, but the attack has not been stopped, which points to the use of a botnet.


WoM gets many more attacks than any other server, but all come from the same source: Christopher Chia, the owner of Metin2 SG / TEC Interactive.


pd: many people asked me why we don't "hit back". I think the truth is a stronger weapon at least in this case.


pd2: some numbers


Metin2 SG started their attacks on WoM around 1st June 2013. At that time, WoM had roughly 200 players online at peak time, while SG had around 250.


More than 1 year later, and over 150 days of attacks of all kinds, WoM has 900 players at peak time, while SG has around 150-200. TEC Interactive also opened 3 servers during this time: Metin2 PH, Rise of Metin and Tale of Titania, all of which closed due to lack of players.


Not only the attacks failed but if SG still has some players, it is because of the work we did there. I just wonder what they will think if they know the money the spend in their server is paying for botnets. I mean, people play official servers because, they are supposed to be "more serious".

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Those files are from 8th August, please read the posts above to avoid repeating the same questions.

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