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Looking for a Fresh New Dedicate Supporter


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Hello everyone, before start reading i m gonna say that i pay for these services, but for the entire pack, and all before start. So you can trust of me.

p.s: I am not good as you, that's why i need the full help.

I need these stuff to open a dedicate in my country

What am i searching?

-Latest metin2 client 
-Purgatory and Winter dungeons  100% official like   (boss, quests ,run ,mobs)
-Belt systems 
-Dragon Soul System
-Latest Costumes and haircuts
-Latest pets                                                  (  http://wiki.metin2.c.../index.php/Pets )                                            

-Latest mounts  attack and dmg and skills   (  http://wiki.metin2.co.uk/index.php/Mounts     http://wiki.metin2.co.uk/index.php/Power_Mounts)

From here i think it is difficult but not really hard.

I also need these stuff:

-Prestige system or Reborn system, (the important thing is that the name change at every prestige , like in these videos)
-Implement the Vanilla project core last with 4 inventories  
-Client needs to work with 4

It is not over yet.

I also need to install all these stuff into a dedicate and let them work 100%       

And i also need hel to make some quests in LUA  and some systems like bonuspage , switchbot ingame, itemshop ingame, switchgear , savelogin initial

If you think you are able to complete all these things, send me a PM with your skype id, i will contact you , and we will discuss about price

THANK you everyone

p.p.s: i am not smart as you, please do not judge me for that,  i lost all my questssystemsfiles  and i need to restart      

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