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Original metin2 story + 1 artwork

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Hi guy’s.

I was in search of some old screen from metin2 and I found this beautiful artwork (it is an official one)


Also I wanted to share the original story of metin2:

Taejo Lee Seop succeeds in unifying the whole continent under one banner, but the development of this country does not last long, the appearance of metin stones changes the world.
 After these events the continent was cut off from the rest of the world and had to face its problems.
 After the metin, the continent was divided into 3 countries constantly warring each other.
 The western country trying to survive and reopen trade routes with the rest of the countries of the world.
 The country of the South, founded by one of the cousins of the former emperor, a country born of a rebellion against the old Empire which had not wanted to listen to their warnings on the stones metin, their goal is to unify  whole continent and hate the Jinnos.
 The country of Jinno, ruled by the heir of the former emperor, based on military force, their goal is to revive the ancient empire and ignore the danger of metin stones.

 But the fall of the metin stones heralds another disaster, the breaking of the seal that binds the witch Sung Mahi and the sacred beasts that followed her.
 The Dragon King having sealed them across the continent after a battle from which he emerged victorious.
 But rumors are spreading on the mouths of the Shamans indicating that Sung Mahi is regaining her strength and as a result will be able to break the seal that holds her to the center of the continent!
 Countries must join forces to prevent Sung Mahi from breaking his seal and reappearing on the continent!
 The adventurers who contribute the most to this will receive part of the Dragon King's forces and inherit the title of "Dragon Warriors", warriors respected throughout the continent.

 Players must end the quarrels of the countries (unite them) and prevent Sung Mahi from returning to destroy the continent!

Used google traduction to make it fast but it describe well the origin story of our favorite game !

Also found comics about metin2 if some are interested into it, tell me !

Thanks to have read my post !

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31 minutes ago, Gurgarath said:

Thank you very much, I always love this kind of thing and the story is pretty cool! I didn't know there was records of Sung-Mahi back then. How old is this article?

I also like it, sad they abandoned the lore. But Webzen try to revive it with Yohara it seem. Sung Ma was also an major event in the lore but also in game, guilds needed to battle and gain territory to keep Sung Ma scelled and beat her. The best guild was recompensed, they were named « dragon warriors » until the next time Sung Ma reappear.

It is from 2002 If I remember, the article about the ingame event was shared in many Korean videos games blog in 2004.

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On 8/25/2023 at 10:24 PM, AudioSonic said:

Hey I'm quite interested in the comics you mentioned. Could you upload them here or send them to me via pm?

Hi ! There is the link: http://www.gamtoon.com/new/gf/ctn80/list.gam

u will find all the comics made for metin2 

On 8/26/2023 at 11:22 PM, Filachilla said:

Thank you so much and here is my AI upscalled version..


U welcome ! Thank’s u too !

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