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Where are those maps/dungeons coming from?

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So I am working on a project and remembering the times playing on Ekstasia.
So there were some maps and dungeons I really cannot find anywhere in the internet.
Maybe someone knows, where they are coming from or if they were some custom work

I included all images I have in the spoilers.

The first map was called "Hauxal Island" and had a map boss on it called "Balrog"



The second map was called "Tropical Forest" with map boss "Plambo"



The last map was called "Ochao Temple" but not the official one, it was an outside farm map with some "Ochao Lord", "Strong Ochao Lord", "Ochao Bodyguard", "Strong Ochao Bodyguard"



Then there were multiple dungeons.

  • Ork Maze - Reborn Chief Ork (not the official unreleased map)
  • Monkey Dungeon - Insane Bonobo (not the official monkey dungeons)
  • Orc Dungeon - Ork Admiral Gronn
  • Jungle Dungeon - Snake Queen Tatjana
  • Desert Catacombs - Skeleton King Amoril
  • Jungle of Giants - Hesiod the Giant
  • Frosty Mountains - Axolotl



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