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Omega2-Global International Server Pvm Mediu 120

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We are looking for promoters and helpers [MD salary in play] Metin2Omega International Server Structured server PVM as well as PVP (60%PvP 40%PVM) The starting level is 1 (where you can get the necessary items to be able to beat) The stones are from +0 to +5 (Dropable in the game) Competent staff with which you can discuss even on discord freely without being blocked or embarrassed by the reason for the problem/question. The ItemShop is fully functional and can be used directly from the game. Max level 120. Systems present on the server: Alchemy Scarf costume system (with totally different bonuses compared to a normal scarf pvm as well as pvp) Mount/skin/costume costume system. Shop Offline System HP Visualization System Drop Bosi/Metine Visualization System Special Learning System Staff System in Friends List Multi-Language Auto-Pickup System: We have a multi-language system for the following languages: Romanian English Polish Italian Turkish German Spanish Italian Czech. The following events are present on the server: Double Drop Metine Double drop Sefi OX event Hide event Christmas event (coming soon) Clear moon chest event Russian Roulette event Barbut LEGAL event (on 24/7)

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