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World Lottery System

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By Aslan


The World Lottery System is comparable to the real lottery in the real world. However, in order to make the jackpot a little easier to win, you don't play 6out of 49 but 4out of 30. So the chance of winning is 1:27,405. But of course you also win with 1 identical, 2 identical and 3 identical numbers. The winning amount can be determined as a percentage of the jackpot and additionally by a cap.



  • If you buy a lottery ticket, x% of the purchase price is added to the lottery pot and is active in the next draw.
  • With each new draw, all lottery tickets for the corresponding draw are evaluated and, if you win, the winnings are spilled.
  • Players' winning totals are deducted from the jackpot for the next draw.
  • If a player has won the jackpot or if the value of the jackpot is below the sum X due to the payouts, the jackpot starts at the specified sum from the configs.
  • If a player has won with his lottery ticket, the "Collect prize" button must be pressed. The prize then ends up in Yangspeicher and from there it can be collected in the correct inventory.



In addition to the basic system, there are 3 more windows:

  • Information board
  • The last X lottery draws
  • Lotto ranking list




	// General Options
	#define NEW_LOTTERY_NUMBERS_ACTIVATE 1 // New draws take place
	#define LOTTO_TICKET_COST 5000000 // How much a new ticket costs
	#define LOTTO_PUT_TICKET_COST_PERC_TO_JACKPOT 75 // What percentage of the ticket cost goes into the next jackpot

	// Percent per same number (1 = 0,01% || 10 = 0,1% || 100 = 1% > 5% from 100.000.000 = 5.000.000)
	#define PERC_REWARD_FOR_1_SAME_NUMBER 3 // Percent reward of Jackpot for 1 same number
	#define MAX_REWARD_FOR_1_SAME_NUMBER 5000000 // Max reward of Jackpot for 1 same number ( Deactivate when is 0 )

	#define PERC_REWARD_FOR_2_SAME_NUMBER 10 // Percent reward of Jackpot for 2 same number
	#define MAX_REWARD_FOR_2_SAME_NUMBER 0 // Max reward of Jackpot for 2 same number ( Deactivate when is 0 )

	#define PERC_REWARD_FOR_3_SAME_NUMBER 100 // Percent reward of Jackpot for 3 same number
	#define MAX_REWARD_FOR_3_SAME_NUMBER 0 // Max reward of Jackpot for 3 same number ( Deactivate when is 0 )

	//#define TEST_MODE
	#ifdef TEST_MODE
		#define LOTTO_NUMBER_1 1
		#define LOTTO_NUMBER_2 1
		#define LOTTO_NUMBER_3 1
		#define LOTTO_NUMBER_4 1

	#define MIN_JACKPOT_MONEY 250000000
	#define GENERATE_NEW_LOTTO_NUMBERS_PULSE_MIN 2 // The intervals at which new lottery numbers are generated
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