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HP not same for all characters



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Hey guys,

I was trying to remove random HP & SP on characters by doing following:


// these lines:
int iHP = number(JobInitialPoints[GetJob()].hp_per_lv_begin, JobInitialPoints[GetJob()].hp_per_lv_end);
int iSP = number(JobInitialPoints[GetJob()].sp_per_lv_begin, JobInitialPoints[GetJob()].sp_per_lv_end);

// changed to this:
int iHP = JobInitialPoints[GetJob()].hp_per_lv_end;
int iSP = JobInitialPoints[GetJob()].sp_per_lv_end;

// these lines:
SetRandomHP((iLv - 1) * number(JobInitialPoints[GetJob()].hp_per_lv_begin, JobInitialPoints[GetJob()].hp_per_lv_end));
SetRandomSP((iLv - 1) * number(JobInitialPoints[GetJob()].sp_per_lv_begin, JobInitialPoints[GetJob()].sp_per_lv_end));

// changed to this:
SetRandomHP((iLv - 1) * JobInitialPoints[GetJob()].hp_per_lv_end);
SetRandomSP((iLv - 1) * JobInitialPoints[GetJob()].sp_per_lv_end);


// this line:
ch->SetRandomHP((ch->GetLevel()-1) * number(JobInitialPoints[job].hp_per_lv_begin, JobInitialPoints[job].hp_per_lv_end));

// changed to this:
ch->SetRandomHP((ch->GetLevel()-1) * JobInitialPoints[job].hp_per_lv_end);

// this line:
ch->SetRandomSP((ch->GetLevel()-1) * number(JobInitialPoints[job].sp_per_lv_begin, JobInitialPoints[job].sp_per_lv_end));

// changed to this:
ch->SetRandomSP((ch->GetLevel()-1) * JobInitialPoints[job].sp_per_lv_end);

But the characters still have little bit different HP. What else I must change to have same HP on all characters?

At max status, which is 125 max HP looks like this (SP looks like same on all characters) with no items equipped, no bonuses attached:



Thanks for possible answers!



I'll be always helpful! 👊 

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