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Alyon2 - Portuguese PvP Server [Mid-Newschool]


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A big and heartwarming hello to everyone !


Alyon is a PvP Server, Portuguese that intends to merge PvP with PvE.

It brings with it a Medium-New School aspect in order to remain a Server with new and recent features, but also to keep some of the classic things that players like to see and use in their game.


The Server will start with a BETA phase during the weekend of 23 and 24 of April.
Currently plaing in openning the server oficially on April the 30th


About Alyon:
➔ Starting level: 75;
➔ Max level: 120;
     > Leveling up is done by killing players and items needed in player progress can also be obtained that way.
➔ Without any kind of Pay2Win, all resources necessary for equality between players can be obtained in-game.
     > Despite the vast customization option present, the gameplay does not vary around it.
➔ An active team dedicated to the community.
➔ With plans for constant evolution and consistency in news and features.
➔ A wide range of Systems and resources to make the player's experience more pleasant, practical and modern.



The Server's objective is to bring the community a place where they can spend a good time, where they can get together with friends without having to worry about having to separate because they have different goals, everything can be achieved with pure PvP.

There are Dungeons created thinking about players who like to vary the gameplay a little, and also Events to keep the relationship between the Server and Community active and healthy.

The team is made up of people who trust each other's work, with full transparency among themselves and we intend to bring that transparency to the community as well.


In the following link you can find a slightly more detailed presentation of the Server: 

Alyon2 Presentation



We have been working to escape the pattern.. And not be part of a generic system that appears and disappears according to the dictates of convenience.

We believe in a free, adaptable and also warm space that is what we work for and we promise to give everyone who decides to give us a chance.



Join us.. Join the community !

I would also like to thank all the people who have helped the project as far as it has come, for their support and many times for the words that helped us to continue!

To all who have reached this line, thank you very much for your attention and we are waiting for you!



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Alyon2 - Servidor PvP

Abril de 2022

91_Discord_logo_logos-512.pngJunta-te ao nosso Discord !

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      Where are those maps/dungeons coming from?

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      Where are those maps/dungeons coming from?

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