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CRK - Cronikal [Play now][Official start on April 24, 2022 at 16:00][11 languages available]

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Today at 16:00 we started our server. It was a crazy starter, we got more than 500 online.

The staff at CronikalMt2 hope you had fun and keep doing it. We received many compliments but there was also some criticism. Some players have given us some suggestions and some improvements to make, and the staff of CronikalMt2 is committed to making you all as happy as possible.

For this reason, we have collected all your reports and we will focus on the advice you gave us by fixing everything from the first restart.

The Staff of CronikalMt2

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Posted (edited)

Maintenance 25.04.2022 - PatchNotes 1.0 05:00 CEST - 06:00 EEST

Today we had a maintenance at 05:00 CEST with a duration of 5-15 minutes.



1. Changed the drop percentage of biologist items

2. The search drop item will show where the items are dropped (if you search from +0 to +6 you find the item if it drops from some mob)

3. You can marry pg of the same sex

4. Improve the current captcha system

5. Added flowers for craft Potions in Metin's drop

6. Added Flag "No Move" Dungeon's Boss

7. Increased duration of "Strong Body" (50 minutes+)

8. Reduced price Elixir red\blue

9. Reduced price AddandChange Bonus

10. Added tradeableConcentrated Readings\ Papyrus exorcism

11. Changed filter pickup



1. Fixed crash issues when logging into a map

2. Fixed drop level lair2

3. Fixed login \ change channel

4. Fixed a lot of bot\cheats


Web Site:

1. Fixed some problems related to technical settings

2. Added function to "debug pg" in the site (if the client closes for example)



1. Teleporter translation\warp problem solved (joan and pyungmoo)

2. Marriage manage translated

3. Pda translated

4. Reset status translated

5. Only Italian : fixed description item "Incanta oggetto" - 180 secondi


Note 1.0: It's important that you update the client with a patcher, but be careful, there may be problems with the antivirus and metin2client.exe, be sure to put the client folder among the exceptions.


The Staff of CronikalMt2

Edited by Lorigio
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Patch Note 1.1 25.04.2022 - 02:00 CEST


1. Shaman Skill (haste and attack)
2. Flower drop percentage increased
3. Pearls drop percentage increased from oysters
4. 61 Shield drop percentage increased
5. Item division in the special inventory
6. We have reintroduced captcha but less frequent
7. You can enable AutoPickup mode with F5
8. Added description image in oysters (if count>1 you can open all with ctrl+right mouse button)
9. You can open all oysters with ctrl+right mouse in special inventory


1.Locale EN: Fix bonus against undead

Patch Note 1.2 27.04.2022


1. Increased the core key collection
2. Increased % collection Pearl Necklace
3. Reviewed the damage of Atlantis 2 and all the important bosses of the server 4. Fixed the problem inherent to the changes CH

The Staff of CronikalMt2

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Patch Note 1.3 28.04.2022 - 07:00 CEST

1. Pet respawn after relogin or after logout
2. Exile Cave 2's MAX HP monsters decreased
3. You can use strong against devil in metin95
4. Added attack speed in Orchid Bell
5. Added flag stackable in 6&7 Bonus
6. Fix invisible gm-mode (we improve our check bot)
7. Added check all files of client (you'll need 1-2 more seconds to start client)
8. Added hide shop\pets\mounts in game option

The Staff of CronikalMt2

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We have migrated to a new host and all the crash issues have finally been fixed

We continue to work and give our all every day 

The Staff of CronikalMt2

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Patch note 1.5 - 05.05.2022 - 07:00 CEST

1. Changed spawn position of "spirit of death"
2. Modified razador spawn location \ razador exit time \ razador exit location
3. Modified azrael spawn position \ fixed azrael exit \ fixed charon plan problem
4. Changed position of death spawn (to avoid bugging in the center)
5. Added re-join beran \ fixed beran exit position
6. Added no move in spider baron
7. Changed upp% weapons \ armor 90 (100-60-45-30 instead of 90-45-30-15 for +5-+6-+7-+8-+9)
8. Changed azrael drop (example: 80 helmets removed, perlex3 introduced, ostrichex100, iron seal ecc)
9. Changed drop razador from chest (example: now drops all keys, items from upp, changed quantity of pearls from inside, drops items to craft belts ecc)
10. Changed beran drop by introducing in the drop two new items useful for the fight, potions for upp
11. Inserted craft mono-race belts in Blacksmith, you need items of dragon and a particular item that drops from the chest of razador

The Staff of CronikalMt2

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Patch notes 1.6 - 07.05.2022 - 09:30

1.Increased % drop dragon bone item in atlantis 2
2.Arranged drop of keys inside razador chest
3.Overhauled craft, now you will no longer need 8-8-2-2-2-2 keys, but 4-4-4 distributed in (1-1-2-2 in the first two craft by type, and 1-1-2-2-2 in the other two craft of jewelry always by type of key)
4.Changed % drop of : battle pass (decreased), magic metal from beran(increased), extra refine item (changed drop points and increased %)
5. Inserted item to craft belts even outside the chest of razador, and changed the internal quantity to x2 instead of x1
6. Fixed issue with razador damage (we are not 100% sure about this point, because we could not duplicate the bug in the test server)
7. In the next ox, when you enter the ox, the pet will be disabled
8.Increased % drop of roses,chocolates,football ball, moonlight chest from upcoming events, and inserted chest content in moonlight

The Staff of CronikalMt2

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Note pvp patch - 1.0 - 10.05.2022

-The bonuses of the Set Re items have been changed entirely
List of new bonuses

Earrings of the King+9: Max hp +3500, resistance against damage 5% ability
King+9 Necklace: Magic Speed +35%, Max HP +2500, Skill Damage 3%
King’s Shoes+9: 25 block, 3% skill damage
King’s Helmet+9: 10 block, 5 medium, 3% skill damage
King+9 Bracelet: 3500 Hp, 5 average damage, 5 abilities
Shield of the King+9: Defense 163, Max hp+3500, Resistance against damage 5% ability

Basic bonus modified:
-Attack value 50 to 15
-Block 15 to 8
-Magic resistance 15 to 5

Rare bonuses modified:
-Attack value 50 to 15


-Critical dew reduced from 20 to 12
-Piercing dew reduced from 20 to 12
-Green dew time from 10 minutes to 15 minutes (in the pvp is essential)
-Who had green dew time at 10 minutes will find them at 15 minutes
-Those who had piercing critical dew at 20 will find them at 12
-Those who had piercing critical dew at 15 will find them at 5

Modification of the in-game bonus items:

-Who had 15 block in play, will find himself 8
-Who had 10 block in play, will find himself 5
-Who had 6 block in play, will find himself 3
-Who had 50 attack value, will find himself 15
-Who had 30 attack value, will find himself 10
-Who had 15 attack value, will find himself 5
-Who had 15 magic resistance, will find himself 5
-Who had 10 magic resistors, will find himself 4
-Who had 6 magic resistors, will find himself 3


-Elimination of bonus problem in arrows
-If you have placed bonuses in the arrows you will find the arrows without bonus (being a bug we will not refund)

The black sura, the emblem of the pvp 1vs1, has always been the strongest thanks to its black magic... We made it possible for everyone to face it while keeping it one of the tops in the hands of a true maniac of darkness.
Now the black sura must chain spadate and bring out the warrior goal that and in him to be able to best face his opponents without being subdued to keep his pride high.

Dark protection- NERF -20% 
Flame Spirit - Significantly reduced damage.
Socuro blow- slight increase in damage
Dark Stone- Greatly reduced damage
Stroke of the spirit- slight increase in damage

The corporal warrior, though not always one of the strongest classes but still remains one of the most beloved. We therefore thought to make it a WAR MACHINE also in war guilds and fights in addition to 1vs1 since now 
"AURA OF THE SWORD" can no longer be canceled by giving up a little of its damage standart.

1 Aura of the sword- NERF -66 attack
2 three-way cutting- Slight increase in damage
3 Vortex of the sword- light nerf
4 Sibiliare- Increase of damages

The mental warrior, has been forgotten over the years for his difficulty in managing the easily dodged skillshot and his remarkable cooldwon. We therefore decided to BUY the players 
that perfectly manage the latter by GREATLY increasing the damage of them. And the class with more damage in the server along with the cac. But remember that by mixing even one skill you could succumb.
The latter also have a greater impact in brawl and war.

1 penetration- Greatly increased damage
2 Hit hard- greatly increased damage
3 Pesto- slight increase in damage
4 Sword stroke- slight increase in damage.

The arch ninja, the pearl of the fights/war and now also viable for the 1vs1 even not running away. We made him an ARCHER CASTER by decreasing his cooldowns but slightly giving up his damage to not make him
monotonous with car attacks. It remains of course the sniper for targets in low HP in war/ fights that try to escape to save themselves.

1 Arrow of fire- Decreased damage, -5sec coldown
2 Repeated shot - unchanged
3 poisoned arrow- slight increase in damage, -8sec coldown 
4 Darts rain- Increased damage, +3sec cooldwon
5 Feather step- unchanged.

The Ninja Melee, also called KILLER... we kept the profile of a real assassin by greatly increasing the damage in combos, especially DAGGER WHIRL, based on a skilled Match up.
We therefore want to reward professionals who link the trap with the perfect vortex. The cac and one of the most damaging classes 
-The staff reserves the right to make further changes to the pvp aspect in the event of further problems


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Patch notes 1.8 - 13.05.2022 - 08:30

Changes to the Dungeon:

1. We have entered the Dungeon for the monkeys, to enter serve medals of riding, you can only re-enter the dungeon every 30 minutes, will be 3 floors (kill walking monkey, 4 Metin lv 65 and then monkey lord), of course there is the re-join function. Minimum entry level 40, maximum 75.

2.We have modified the Tower of Demons (it’s almost everything like before), the only differences are that on the 7th floor the Metin killer respawna, you can drop more maps zin sa gui and these maps will be usable on the second floor of the tower (no further) to access the eighth floor directly. The purpose of this change is to create a zin sa gui map farm, and to expand the trade with this item, so that those who want to make narrow heads or in any case death, if they do not want, should not waste time to climb unnecessary plans.

The Staff of CronikalMt2

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20 May 2022, at 22:00 the first small expansion of Cronikal will arrive.

It will be an expansion that will not excessively affect pvp (or what you have done) and not particularly pvm, it will be an expansion that will introduce new things to do within the gameplay. For this first update 1.0 we did not want to exaggerate, in fact it will be a small and light expansion, which will bring new things to do within the gameplay, but at the same time it will not leave behind new players or in any case those who have not yet completed the equipment , and it will be small in such a way that anyway, we can continue to the "already" existing things trying to reach a better stability than the present one. In the coming months and weeks, we will focus on making frequent but small updates, with the aim of eliminating the monotony that is created once the final level is reached.

Keep following us,

Cronikal staff!

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