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 Good night/day/afternoon everyone!


Im here to present to this community a server that I've been thinking trought over the time. I've been reading a lot that Metin2 is a bit lost over the years , and that lost it's essence of acomplishment. As an old player I am , I really miss the time when we felt happy for the things we used to do ingame . After this toughts I decided to create IberiuM2, a server for the players , by the players without pay2win.

This is a Old/Middleschool PVM/PVP, without p2w and everything for sale in itemshop, can be obtained ingame and sold ingame. 

With this said, There is some info about what we can find inside IberiuM2.


-> Totally clean server without new system (Switch bot, Offline shops, etc etc)

-> Multilanguage

->Gameplay based in craft system, and guild game. To play with friends and family

-> LVL 105 for now

-> In the begining , to keep the players united and promote shops ingame we will only be opening 2 CH's for now.

-> You will also find a dedicated Team , allways ready to help you in all the possible ways.


Inside our website, you'll find a support system with live chat, ready to reply all your doubts.



I know for now, that its not much info but I'll explain why.

As Im a one man team, and am waiting for the beta phase to hire a support team, im only focusing on keeping the game base operational. I have a lot of ideias and Im acomplishing them trough time , and lots of them will come true during Beta tests.


The server will open on 12/03/2022 , at 09H00 PM GMT+0

Until then, registration and download will be unavaiable!



For the lazy ones , here comes the important part:



Launch Beta: 12/03/2022 - 21H00



Server type :  OLD/Midleschool PVM/PVP

Game system:  Based in craft/dungeons/team play

E-mail : [email protected]






Thank you all for reading this post. I also wanna say that after the server is officially open, the registration will be Limited to 200 players, in order to protect the server and the players!

AT the moment we are also accepting applies to the IberiuM2 - Team. All you need to have is:


-> Dominate fluently english language

-> Be over 18 years old

-> Be responsable

-> Willing to grow

-> Be a good teamworker

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