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Invisible Wings (Sashes)





I'm struggling with a problem for 2 days now, I've added some animated .GR2 wings (inbuilt animation, the inbuilt gr2 animation system is implemented and works just fine and also for PART_SASH/ACCE is implemented) but they are just invisible (on ground also) but they grant the absorbed bonuses without any problem, also I can combine them.

I tried it with around 80 wings, there is also a sash that came with the client and it is invisible (it was invisible event before I added the gr2 animation system).

The basic sashes are visible, no problem there.

There are no errors in syslog, syserr, errorlog and I'm pretty sure I've implemented them right otherwise I guess it have shown me some error. Also the texture (.dds) is in the right place, I tried to change the texture path also but no luck so far.

The client reads .gr2 and .GR2 and it is updated to granny


What or where could be the problem?


Thank you!

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Edit: So every sash/wing that uses the VNums 85001, 85002, 85003, ...4, ...5, ...6, ...7, ...8, ...9, ...11, ...12, ...13, ...14, ...15, ...16, ...17, and ...18 works just fine, every other vnum in that range 85xxx doesn't work (i didn't missed the 85010, that vnum isn't working also).


Solved, the problem was from item_scale.txt ..don't forget that, like me.

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Thanks for replying, I've tried to add it to the 850xx vnum but no, no luck there.


Here is how I did it (item_list):



Every sash 'till 85019 works (85019 is added now after your reply, before that 85021...and so on, were invisible too, this however didn't fixed them).


Here is item_proto:



Edit: Just implemented a .mde wing and it works, but the .gr2 one, not a chance

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