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Tiān2 - The Chaos from Heaven - Developer's Diary

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Tiān2 - The Chaos from Heaven - is not supposed to be the best server out there and probably won't be the most popular one (even though, it's not an impossible task). What is supposed to be is a community with nice and fun people to be around. A server where we'll give our best to offer you a really enjoyable experience.

The server will feature a classical path, twisted with some new and more logical approaches. A classical level 105, PvM-Hard architecture, but with various gameplay additions, slightly rebalanced classes and reworked drop paths.

Because Tiān2 is still in a development process, and a classic presentation will find its way once everything is done and settled for launch, we thought about sharing with you our "dev-diary". We have a close relation with our community and we weekly share with them news and updates. Maybe that's why we hit almost 1.000 Discord members from such an early stage.


You can find more about it here:


You can join our community here:


Social Media accounts:



Your team,

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Storyline permanent rewards


The effort to control Chaos has demanded many sacrifices. The Guard is looking for new adventurers to replace the fallen fighters. A bright future awaits the adventurer, but only if he resolves to put his best foot forward. There is no room for failure.

And here your adventure starts...

What's a game without a lore behind it? Where's the emotion without a story? As you might've guessed, a new storyline will find its path on Tiān. A better, shorter, and more logically constructed to follow your true character evolution.

But let's talk a bit about rewards because this is where things get interesting. You'll get permanent bonuses! Yes, you heard me right! Permanent bonuses will do make a difference in the long run. You might receive now +5 AV, maybe +50 HP, but in the end, you'll be stronger and that's all that matters!

Who knows, maybe at the end of the storyline you'll have more than 1000 extra HP points or over 100 Attack Value.

Apart from these character rewards, you'll also receive items or Yang. 

Let's make Metin2 a real game!
Let's give it what's missing!
Let's share some love for the lore! 

Your team,



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