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HyperlinkItemToolTip ImageBox



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Hey guys,

someone got an idea how to make ImageBox part of ToolTip thinboard window?

Now you cannot close the ToolTip thinboard window by clicking on ImageBox, in this case it's item socket image.

You can try it by yourself:

Send item link to chat with ITEM_PRISM (Glass of Insight):


Then try to click for example on socket image, it won't close the ToolTip thinboard window:


File: uiToolTip.py

class HyperlinkItemToolTip(ItemToolTip):
	def __init__(self):
		ItemToolTip.__init__(self, isPickable=True)

	def SetHyperlinkItem(self, tokens):
		minTokenCount = 3 + player.METIN_SOCKET_MAX_NUM
		maxTokenCount = minTokenCount + 2 * player.ATTRIBUTE_SLOT_MAX_NUM
		if tokens and len(tokens) >= minTokenCount and len(tokens) <= maxTokenCount:
			head, vnum, flag = tokens[:3]
			itemVnum = int(vnum, 16)
			metinSlot = [int(metin, 16) for metin in tokens[3:6]]

			rests = tokens[6:]
			if rests:
				attrSlot = []

				while rests:
					key = int(rests.pop(), 16)
					if rests:
						val = int(rests.pop())
						attrSlot.append((key, val))

				attrSlot += [(0, 0)] * (player.ATTRIBUTE_SLOT_MAX_NUM - len(attrSlot))
				attrSlot = [(0, 0)] * player.ATTRIBUTE_SLOT_MAX_NUM

			self.AddItemData(itemVnum, metinSlot, attrSlot)


	def OnUpdate(self):

	def OnMouseLeftButtonDown(self):


With this function, you should be able to close the ToolTip thinboard window, but for some reason it's not working with clicking on the ImageBox:

def OnMouseLeftButtonDown(self):


If someone got an idea for solution, I will be really glad!

Thanks for possible answers!



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I'll be always helpful! 👊 

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