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Mt2 SurvivalFight-PVP [website] :- / mt2survival-pvp.com / now at 5:56 PM level 120 with newest adds


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discord server https://discord.gg/7xRUWdAQYx
website server mt2survival-pvp.com 
start with basic information .
level 120 
states point 90 
some systems [ not all ] 
shining system 
guild building 
3D preview
switch bot 1-5 : contian enchited item 6-7 manully 
quick exchange equipment system 
5 inventory menu
item shop ingame
new style of 3 cities 
new map sohan and desert [ rewarked]
classify inventory system 
new 3D Npc's + new armors [ spectrum armor [gold & silver] - death skull armor [gold] + elephent armor [brown] + new 3D weapons Effect all races +new devil and angel wings thanks to ragnar i will leave you the trailer videos to see them 
+ new package of mobs thanks to ridack [ videos are down the subject ]
the dragon circle click .  + GM's logo effects : thanks to ridack again 
all the official adds and more payable versions for year 2020 - 2021 of adds been installed 
I spend 650euoro on the server no one funds me at all 
before i explain the idea of the server i will leave all videos down 
the idea of metin2 survival based on balancing among charcters whether it was a normal strikes . by weapons or by the skills 
and it been tested 
the standers of strength starts from 
1- the equipment from the traders 
2-the craft equipment such as arms and armors , pets , mounts , + the craft requirments from events only such as the papa noel arms and armor manufacturing 
you can get these from pvp duels or events or from item shop 
their is no big deffrence between the item shop percintage and the free equipment I personally hate the known sentences " pay to win " 
I prevent trading between GM's and players event with event the system send the award to winners automatecally
the item shop contain coustmes and many thing for who would like to charge you can see them by yourself 
the server include 1 dungoen at the moment and it is ganesha solo ruins each one hour you can enter : falls from him chests of skins only 
i guess this is everything 
the links of the first video of my youtube channel you find it here and the rest is well 
good luck . 
https://youtu.be/7s7IPb5WTn8  1- 
https://youtu.be/B1ckYTtiPbA  2-
https://youtu.be/AGKTCBs5hJc  3- 
https://youtu.be/kyry_EBS-Kw 4-
https://youtu.be/xNkGQaJx25g 5-
https://youtu.be/ztLSR0becRk 6- 


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