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1 hour ago, V0lvox said:


check data/monster folder. Server and Client has to be the same. Look for Accumulation

That's correct but to be precise you only need the motlist.txt and the msm files it refers to.

Something worth noting, since this is one instance where we will use the same files both server and client side, is that FreeBSD unlike Windows is case sensitive so if a file is called SOMETHING.MSA and appears in motlist.txt as Something.msa it will not be found by the server. Also, FreeBSD ends lines with a LF (Line Feed) ASCII code while Windows adds both a CR (Carrier Return) and LF. FreeBSD reads CR as a strange character which may result in your text being misinterpreted.

Accumulation value  is only being read in the RUN motion, and its value should match the granny file, otherwise the mob will appear to reach you faster or slower than it actually is.

Open the run gr2 file in Granny Viewer; in the animation list right click in your file and then “view in detail”. Click view sub-structure under “void ** TrackGroups", the numbers written in granny_real32 are your accumulation data.

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