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Compile Error



Hey guys.
I'm having this error compiling my source.
Can anyone help me?


This is my MakeFile from game

GAME_VERSION = $(shell cat ../../__REVISION__)

CC = g++49

BINDIR = ../../bin/release
OBJDIR = ../../bin/objdir/game
SRV_DIR = /usr/home/game
$(shell if [ ! -d $(OBJDIR) ]; then mkdir $(OBJDIR); fi)

# Standard Setting
LIBS = -pthread -lm -lmd
# Removed -fno-rtti 
CFLAGS = -g -Wall -O3 -m32 -w -pipe -fexceptions -D_THREAD_SAFE -DNDEBUG -D__USER__=\"$(USER)\" -D__HOSTNAME__=\"$(HOSTNAME)\" -D__PWD__=\"$(PWD)\" -D__GAME_VERSION__=\"$(GAME_VERSION)\"
CFLAGS += -mtune=i686 -fstack-protector-all -std=c++11

# boost
INCDIR += -I../../../Extern/include/boost

# DevIL
INCDIR += -I../../libdevil
LIBDIR += -L../../libdevil
LIBS += -lIL -lpng -ltiff -lmng -llcms -ljpeg

############# mysql libs and includes
INCDIR += -I../../libmysql/7.x-5.1.35
LIBDIR += -L../../libmysql/7.x-5.1.35
LIBS += -lmysqlclient -lz -lm -lmd

# Miscellaneous external libraries
INCDIR += -I../../../Extern/include
LIBDIR += -L../../../Extern/lib
LIBS += -lcryptopp

# openssl
#INCDIR += -I/usr/include
LIBS += -lssl

############# libsql libs and includes
INCDIR += -I../../libsql
LIBDIR += -L../../libsql
LIBS   += -lsql -pthread

# Project Library
INCDIR += -I../../liblua/include
INCDIR += -I/usr/local/include
LIBDIR += -L../../libthecore/lib -L../../libpoly -L../../libsql -L../../libgame/lib -L../../liblua/lib
LIBDIR += -L/usr/local/lib
LIBS += -lthecore -lpoly -llua -llualib -lsql -lgame -lanticpxsvr
ifeq ($(USE_STACKTRACE), 1)
LIBS += /usr/local/lib/libexecinfo.a

CFILE	= minilzo.c

CPPFILE = BattleArena.cpp FSM.cpp MarkConvert.cpp MarkImage.cpp MarkManager.cpp OXEvent.cpp TrafficProfiler.cpp ani.cpp\
		  arena.cpp banword.cpp battle.cpp blend_item.cpp buffer_manager.cpp building.cpp castle.cpp\
		  char.cpp char_affect.cpp char_battle.cpp char_change_empire.cpp char_horse.cpp char_item.cpp char_manager.cpp\
		  char_quickslot.cpp char_resist.cpp char_skill.cpp char_state.cpp PetSystem.cpp cmd.cpp cmd_emotion.cpp cmd_general.cpp\
		  cmd_gm.cpp cmd_oxevent.cpp config.cpp constants.cpp crc32.cpp cube.cpp db.cpp desc.cpp\
		  desc_client.cpp desc_manager.cpp desc_p2p.cpp dev_log.cpp dungeon.cpp empire_text_convert.cpp entity.cpp\
		  entity_view.cpp event.cpp event_queue.cpp exchange.cpp file_loader.cpp fishing.cpp gm.cpp guild.cpp\
		  guild_manager.cpp guild_war.cpp horse_rider.cpp horsename_manager.cpp input.cpp input_auth.cpp input_db.cpp\
		  input_login.cpp input_main.cpp input_p2p.cpp input_udp.cpp ip_ban.cpp\
		  item.cpp item_addon.cpp item_attribute.cpp item_manager.cpp item_manager_idrange.cpp locale.cpp\
		  locale_service.cpp log.cpp login_data.cpp lzo_manager.cpp marriage.cpp matrix_card.cpp\
		  messenger_manager.cpp mining.cpp mob_manager.cpp monarch.cpp motion.cpp over9refine.cpp p2p.cpp packet_info.cpp\
		  party.cpp pcbang.cpp polymorph.cpp priv_manager.cpp pvp.cpp\
		  questevent.cpp questlua.cpp questlua_affect.cpp questlua_arena.cpp questlua_ba.cpp questlua_building.cpp\
		  questlua_danceevent.cpp questlua_dungeon.cpp questlua_forked.cpp questlua_game.cpp questlua_global.cpp\
		  questlua_guild.cpp questlua_horse.cpp questlua_pet.cpp questlua_item.cpp questlua_marriage.cpp questlua_mgmt.cpp\
		  questlua_monarch.cpp questlua_npc.cpp questlua_oxevent.cpp questlua_party.cpp questlua_pc.cpp\
		  questlua_quest.cpp questlua_target.cpp questmanager.cpp questnpc.cpp questpc.cpp\
		  refine.cpp TempleOchao.cpp questlua_TempleOchao.cpp regen.cpp safebox.cpp sectree.cpp sectree_manager.cpp sequence.cpp shop.cpp\
		  skill.cpp start_position.cpp target.cpp text_file_loader.cpp trigger.cpp utils.cpp vector.cpp war_map.cpp\
		  wedding.cpp xmas_event.cpp version.cpp threeway_war.cpp map_location.cpp\
		  BlueDragon.cpp BlueDragon_Binder.cpp DragonLair.cpp questlua_dragonlair.cpp skill_power.cpp affect.cpp\
		  FileMonitor_FreeBSD.cpp ClientPackageCryptInfo.cpp cipher.cpp\
		  buff_on_attributes.cpp dragon_soul_table.cpp DragonSoul.cpp group_text_parse_tree.cpp char_dragonsoul.cpp questlua_dragonsoul.cpp\
		  shop_manager.cpp shopEx.cpp item_manager_read_tables.cpp questlua_mysql.cpp char_cards.cpp char_gaya.cpp\
		  game_events.cpp event_manager.cpp support_shaman.cpp questlua_supportshaman.cpp item_combination.cpp profile.cpp\
		  auto_event_manager.cpp AutoNotice.cpp char_keyboard.cpp char_mailbox.cpp ip_security.cpp event_drop.cpp mob_drop_manager.cpp\
		  New_PetSystem.cpp questlua_petnew.cpp char_aura.cpp blood_dungeon.cpp rebirth.cpp boss_tracking.cpp PetSystemRenewal.cpp PetManager.cpp\
		  nearby_scanner.cpp title.cpp main.cpp\

COBJS	= $(CFILE:%.c=$(OBJDIR)/%.o)
CPPOBJS	= $(CPPFILE:%.cpp=$(OBJDIR)/%.o)



$(OBJDIR)/minilzo.o: minilzo.c
	@$(CC) $(CFLAGS) $(INCDIR) -c $< -o [email protected]
	@echo Compile: $<

$(OBJDIR)/%.o: %.cpp
	@echo -e "\033[0;32m [NeverMindz] \033[0m	\033[0;33m Servefiles Premium\033[0m" $<
	@$(CC) $(CFLAGS) $(INCDIR) -c $< -o [email protected]

	@echo linking $(TARGET)....
	@echo linking $(TARGET_STRIPPED)....

	@echo Clean done!
	@find . -type f | xargs -n 5 touch
	@rm -f $(OBJDIR)/*
	@rm -f $(BINDIR)/game_r* $(BINDIR)/conv

	rm -rf $(SRV_DIR)/share/bin/game
	cp $(TARGET) $(SRV_DIR)/share/bin/game

	rm -rf $(SRV_DIR)/share/bin/game
	cp $(TARGET_STRIPPED) $(SRV_DIR)/share/bin/game
	ctags *.cpp *.h *.c

	makedepend -f Depend $(INCDIR) -I/usr/include/c++/3.3 -I/usr/include/c++/4.2 -p$(OBJDIR)/ $(CPPFILE) $(CFILE) 2> /dev/null > Depend

sinclude Depend

Pls. I really need help.

Best regards.

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You aren't using a virtual machine with gcc4.9 installed. He isn't compatible with new freebsd versions, so if you want to compile that source code, have two ways:

1. You can use a classic Freebsd 9.2 with gcc4.9 installed (easy)


2. You can update the source code but I don't recommend it if you have low skills. (hard)


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