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A Very Different Demand



Hi guys,

What I want from you today may seem very complicated. But I'm asking this as a request for information from really experienced people. I want you to be aware that what I want is not some kind of pvp mt2 game content.

- How does the DPI Scale Rules of Metin2 game work? The config.exe in the client file does my "Shortest Side" calculation? Or does it calculate "Longest side, horizontal or vertical" values?

- Some kind of game design documents, game design, mechanics, and game controls belonging to the Metin2 game, which were leaked or distributed for a different purpose, in short, when you hand those documents into the hands of someone who has no knowledge of Metin2, that 50-60,70 or maybe I'm looking for this presentation, and project documents, where he might have learned everything about the game, its purpose, and the game's gameplay when he's finished reading the 200-page document.

What I'm talking about needs to be a game presentation, like in this example.

This is really important to me, thank you for your help.

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