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Looking for a team


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Hey Guys!

I'm kind of new to metin2 development but I know the basics, my local environment is ready and I had been playing around it already. I'm a graduated Software Engineer and I'm already working in the industry. I like the game and I have a pretty good understanding of it, so that's why I was thinking about it as a side project in my free time.

I also have experience with the fanciest web technologies like Spring Boot, React.js, Redux.

If you have a project that you take seriously, probably I'd happily join to your team.

If you're interested, feel free to contact me on Discord.


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2 hours ago, lime said:

Are you looking for financial rewards or building a strong community?

I prefer long term cooperation, my reward expectation depends on it.

In my imagination, the highest priority is to build up a very good concept, implement it, advertise it, build a strong community and the financial rewards are coming after all these steps. If we get through all of these, I would like to have a piece of the cake as well.

The main principle is to be fair with each other.

On the other hand, if somebody would contact me like "hey, you will be the only developer and let's do this and that" - to me this doesn't sound like fair, so I would ask for financial rewards for everything I do. This case is pure work, the case above is kind of a knowledge sharing within the developer team, it is even fun. This isn't.


I hope this is clear.


Thank you for your question, it was a pretty good one!

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