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Bug client*help please*

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0830 10:29:25558 :: CreateFromMemoryFile: Cannot create texture

0830 10:44:42752 :: ResourceManager::GetResourcePointer: NOT SUPPORT FILE d:projectmetin2mainassetsnpclionlion.psd


It's a notice about a missing texture, and somewhere it tries to load a .psd file which is not supported by the client and shouldn't be there anyways. But these can't cause a client crash so rather the other error is which does it.

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The problem is:

0830 10:53:54337 :: Unknown packet header: 231, last: 25 4

Use a novaline launcher :)


No match packets on the network. 

Open source the launcher> userinterface> Packet.h 
And change what's in the game. Packet.



It's not 40k game,i have 34k .

How can i edit in launcher,and how .Any tut?

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Yes the crash would definitely be the packet header error..


As far as psd just remove that file because it can't be used anyway.. if you want to clean up your logs a little..


I'm not sure this will have everything you need in it, but it's what I was using for my server. This version is named "unprotected" meaning I haven't added any anti-cheat/encryption to it. It's the version without HackShield, let me know if you actually want the HackShield version. Good Luck.



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