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TitleSystem by VegaS - Character kick after title change



Hi everyone!
So recently i installed the Vegas Title System .The problem is that:

If i click to Change Title, the server kicks the character and i can't get into game just after restarting the server.If i manually put prestige for example "1" in the player.table the title shows up fine. Only problem is choosing title from the game. There is No Syserr both on clientside and serverside ( db,auth,ch1,game99 ) everything is clear. I've triplechecked if i placed everything into correct spot and everything seems fine (i'm not implementing this system for the first time,never had any issues like that one).
I have to mention that the serverfiles i'm using are from @TMP4 released a few weeks ago, i've just changed the interface to Illumina.. (40K) and these files use Clang9 for serverside compiling and VS2019 for clientside.I dont know that this could be the problem.When i was compiling the servercore (db,game) the error about "auto_ptr" that it was deprecated etc... i've replaced it with "unique_ptr" ( as it was released as a replacement for the auto_ptr function ) and it compiled fine, that function was related to buying potions...
Also i must have changed the make_pair to std::make_pair as VS2019 won't compile the binary (as far as i know i didn't used to do that, not sure about that ):

g_TitleNameMap.insert(std::make_pair(iIndex, c_szTitleName));

Thanks for any help! 

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5 hours ago, MsRazoRR said:


bool TitleManager::TransformTitle(LPCHARACTER ch)

 add return true; before the last }

bool TitleManager::UpdateTitle(LPCHARACTER ch, int changeTitle, int changeMoney)

change to: 

void TitleManager::UpdateTitle(LPCHARACTER ch, int changeTitle, int changeMoney)

Also at title.h change :

bool UpdateTitle(LPCHARACTER ch, int changeTitle, int changeMoney);


void    UpdateTitle(LPCHARACTER ch, int changeTitle, int changeMoney);

And last thing: bool TitleManager::SetTitle(LPCHARACTER ch, const char* pTitle) add after     

if (!strcmp(pTitle, "title19") && (GetTitlePremium(ch) == true))    
            SetAffect(ch, "send_premium_3");

return true;


It should look like this:

title.cpp : https://pastebin.com/f9AsKers

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