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[HELP?]short introduction for newbies?



Good morning community,

i want to start setting up a server with my friends,

I was TEC on other small servers in the past which includes mapping,questing, translation,mob placement, bug fixing etc.

But nowadays you have to work with source to get a good server and so i searched for the source and now i got it :)
But for a newbie it's really hard to come in in all the new stuff.

So as a newbie I got thousends of questions which need to be answered so I can start.

To get startet i wantet to know how you all startet working with source code?


It would be nice when someone can add me in Skype or post an introduction here which includes things like:

  • what do i need to get startet?
  • what do i need to install on my didicated server?
  • which branch should i use?
  • how do i compile source and client?
  • what do i need to configure in client and server source?
  • ...

thanks for reading,

hope i will get easy understanding and good introductions,

regards .DeTowelie


PS: hope you was able to read my bad english and you could also awnser in GERMAN what would be much easier to understand for me :D


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You would need to learn C++ first of all. And that's beyond the scope of this forum or any other forum.

@Shogun: Thank you for your awnser :) jea i know.

I'm still starting to learn it.. can you recommend me a good book?

But it would be nice when someone can give me a short introduction to get startet because we get the dedicated server today and want to start, because there a lots of other things we'll need to do.. the basics like quests, mapping, dropps ..etc.


So it would be nice, when someone can give me a very short introduction :)

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