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Making items tradable



Hello guys,

I am using serverfiles from year 2015, and I'm trying to make some items tradable, but even if i change it in item_proto in clientside (delete ANTI_.... and put there NONE) and even in serverside (item_proto.txt) and then if I change anti_flags in Navicat, afrer reset, the values came back as they were and I can't sell that item in any shop.

Thanks for any help, have a nice day. 🙂 

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Go to navicat -> player -> item_proto - Find the item. Go to internet and  find "Martysama flag calculator". There check antiflags you want (like if male or female only, if its tradable, etc) and paste them in to that column. Then press Ctrl + S to save it and restart server. Theres no other way (which I know 😄 ). If you want to help more, you can contact me on discord (Before#9763) Im from czech too, so I can help you better. Just typing here in english bcs of forum ya know.

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