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Please don't compare x language with Python, have no sense.

  • no data types

In every language exist data types, but in Python the declaration happens automatically when you assign a value to a variable not need to specify which type to be like int, float, string etc..and you can do assignation with another data type just with operator '=', without killing language like C++ assignation between std::vector & std::map, here is more easy.

  • no semicolons

The semicolon here does not do anything, but exist and can be used with no problems, does let you use to denote the end of a statement if you are including more than one statement on a line.

  • import command does not distinguish python includes and my includes (like C do by "" and <>)

#include and import are quite different, C/C++ is a compiled language, C++ you do #include <library> and in Python you have this syntax for import the content of another program file in your own. (i can't explain it very good the difference because have no-sense)

  • Spoiler


    Two or more physical lines may be joined into logical lines using backslash characters (\) - backslash .

    JesusHere =\

As i said don't try to search difference between 2 languages which both are amazing in them way, Python was choosed by YMIR for write the GUI Engine because is a easy language and flexible instead of C++ or any variants, if you are good at C/C++, you can easily learn Python in some weeks because that is more easy than it..some lovely things are:

  • Python uses Garbage Collection whereas C++ does not.
  • C++ is a statically typed language, while Python is a dynamically typed language.
  • Python is easier to use than C++.
  • Python is run through an interpreter, whilst C++ is pre-compiled.
  • Hence, C++ is faster than Python.
  • C++ supports pointers and incredible memory management.
  • Python supports very fast development and rapid, continuous language development.
  • Python has less backwards compatibility.
  • Majority of all applications are built from C++.
  • Majority of all 3D applications offer Python access to their API's.
  • Python code tends to be 5 to 10 times shorter than that written in C++.
  • In Python, there is no need to declare types explicitly.
  • Smaller code size in Python leads to leads to "rapid prototyping", which offers speed of development.
  • Python requires an engine to run.
  • Python is interpreted each time it runs.
  • Python is hard to install on a Windows box and thus makes distribution of the program problematic.
  • C++ is a pure binary that links to existing libraries to assist the coding.
  • In Python, variables are in scope even outside the loops in which they are first instantiated.
  • In Python, a function may accept an argument of any type, and return a value of any type, without any kind of declaration beforehand.
  • Python provides flexibility in calling functions and returning values.
  • Python looks cleaner, is object oriented, and still maintains a little strictness about types.



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