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Belt bonus description



Hello community,

I'm using Metin2 Project 2014.1 | Kraizy Updated Edition and I have a problem, that  the belts gives me bonuses, but I can't see them in description. I compared uitooltip from another client, everything is the same.

Edit: Also I can't see slots when I put diamonds on belts.

Can anybody help me with this?


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The dump_proto missing belt item type by default. That's cause that your uitooltip.py is correct and it can't display the bonus.

Take my reference serverfile's dump_proto's ItemCSVReader.cpp to compare:  https://pastebin.com/Ne7dbupG

ITEM_BELT is the 35th type so you need to add 33, 34 too (ITEM_SECONDARY_COIN, ITEM_RING) too, otherwise ITEM_BELT would be the 33th and you problem would remain.

So basicly do the changes in int get_Item_Type_Value

Also at int get_Item_SubType_Value you can add "USE_PUT_INTO_BELT_SOCKET", "USE_PUT_INTO_RING_SOCKET" to arSub3 if you need them.

Btw my ItemCSVReader.cpp is completly default, only type 33,34,35 added for belt support, you can copy paste the whole thing if you want.

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First of all, did you check client syserr?! 

If error log is empty, you have to check the tooltip python source for belt supporting. I think your tooltip source does not support the belt item type or that is not correct to show belt bonuses and etc. 

If u cant find the problem, maybe share the uitooltip.py file with us. 

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