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Metin2 BR OnGame Language Change Clientside | Item_Proto

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We are a group of people who play Metin2 OnGame on the Official Brazilian Server.

Here it was until the "elementary map" update so that there had been a working language pack,

but the developer at that time (I think "Red") decided not to provide this language pack for the masses anymore.

Now from that point on there were a lot of players without the language pack who never played without it, meaning you have to learn bonuses by heart, ground drops etc. etc....

I sat down like "Robin Hood" and dealt with the topic a bit and was able to set up the whole thing myself.

But still I need your help, currently you can gaming in 2 variants ....

1. option everything is completely in German, nevertheless one has small errors e.g. has Brazil own items this function then e.g.

Only on the first slots in the inventory or things that you can actually make in a store do not go into the store or 1-2 costumes are not visible etc.. (So you have smaller restrictions).

2nd option everything is completely in German, only the ground drop (main item name) is in Brazilian, but everything is "bug-free" (Here is just again the convenience in the foreground you would have to learn the drops, the BR names - it should be said on BR is still a small drop item PvP because you have after drop about 5 sec. until the name disappears).

Here is a picture of the 2 options.

Option 1

Option 2


Do not get me wrong I never had anything to do with the client or anything else I just "tried".

If I understand correctly I have to make the Item_proto of the "bugfree" variant to a txt and there just adjust the items to German and dump again?

The problem is I can't find a reader that reads the current Brazil Item_Proto the files are always empty (encrypted)?

I add times the current proto maybe can help me someone.




As a final word I can only say in advance to everyone who has read this and helps me / us already a big thank you in advance 🙂

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