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System Lock/unlock for account metin2



Hello, watching videos on youtube of new servers, I noticed a metin that caught my attention was the BestVip ... he has a system of "lock / unlock" account, when activated with the same password you enter, general crashes , so it is impossible to attack, withdraw items, buy and sell everything else, can only walk with the character, but he becomes invulnerable to invasion ... can anyone help me make this system? it is a search, someone has? Thanks ... The video explains how the system works ... 
Sorry for my bad english, I'm brasilian
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Its nothing special and its easy to make.


Its better to improve the account login system.


The system that that server developed looks nice but its too much useless work.


Its my opinion :)


Metin2 has a system called matrix. Take a look at that system

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Thanks to all the comments ...
But ... someone has these files? 'm Not good at archivos.lua and they wanted as many people use exchange accounts, and this medium is useful as well for those who want to use (after all it is not required, because if you want you can leave without password) on switching between accounts, 's when everything is resolved exchange passwords ... I have no idea where to get on the internet in general has nothing on this: / complicates ...
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