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Fews problems on 34k {help}



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Hm, there was a way to make 'em work, but I don't remember how it was.

And about the mounts, unless you use other mounts' vnum (or unless you use the source / or create a lib) they won't do damage.

when you return 0 and server doesn't boot:


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Thank you bro.


Now i have few more problem,for 34k


1.I can't put ore on the beta accesories. 

2.The leopard,pantera mounts don't had damage ( they atack but no damage )



OFF: Elyps, ce faci pe aici? :)) Pe skype nu dai semne de viata... (Ro)

ON: To put ore (wtf?!) you must use txt instead of sql.

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When i try to add belt system on 34k , my client crash on loading. What i need to do ?:) 

0820 03:18:22136 :: Failed to load script file : locale/de/ui/InventoryWindow.py
0820 03:18:22139 :: 
ui.py(line:2691) LoadScriptFile
system.py(line:192) execfile
system.py(line:163) Run
locale/de/ui/InventoryWindow.py(line:6) ?

LoadScriptFile - exceptions.AttributeError:'module' object has no attribute 'EQUIPMENT_BELT'

0820 03:18:22139 :: ============================================================================================================
0820 03:18:22139 :: Abort!!!!

0820 03:18:22140 :: 
uiInventory.py(line:285) __LoadWindow
ui.py(line:2696) LoadScriptFile
exception.py(line:36) Abort

InventoryWindow.LoadWindow.LoadObject - exceptions.SystemExit:

0820 03:18:22140 :: ============================================================================================================
0820 03:18:22140 :: Abort!!!!

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Your binary doesn't have EQUIPMENT_BELT module included. Compile your own binary, or use the 28k one (this means you've to upgrade your 34k files into 40k).

when you return 0 and server doesn't boot:


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