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Bug new map


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1 hour ago, JAROO said:

Did not work.


I have already changed the coordinates many times, I also changed the map index. After entering the corner of the map, also logs out. This happens in some places on the map. My first own map :(





Now when i changed coordinates:


SYSERR: Dec 20 00:04:23 :: WarpSet: cannot find map location index 0 x 349300 y 365200 name [GM]jaro
SYSERR: Dec 20 00:04:36 :: Entergame: !GetMovablePosition (name [GM]jaro 307200x204800 map 45 changed to 333200x226500)




now I can summon mobs, before in some places I couldn't

so did it work or not ??? xd


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1. Before you create new coordinates, check that you don't have them already(for example, warp to them in game and see if anything happens)

2. What version of World Editor do you use? there's a high change that you have a problem with your server_attr.

I've had these problems before and it was because of coordinates.

Even if you don't have the exact coordinates in atlasinfo for example, they can overlap with other if they are close to them.

You should try to remove all maps from map_index, atlas_info, maps.eix/.epk etc etc(leave only map1 and your map) and see if problem persists, like this you can know if it is about map... or coordinates.



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