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Invalid Motion Key Fix


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Does someone know how to fix the problem with Invalid Motion Key in debug mode?


float CActorInstance::GetMotionDuration(DWORD dwMotionKey)
	CGraphicThing * pMotion;
	if (!GetMotionThingPointer(dwMotionKey, &pMotion))
		Tracenf("CActorInstance::GetMotionDuration - Cannot get motion: %d / %d",
			GET_MOTION_MODE(dwMotionKey), GET_MOTION_INDEX(dwMotionKey));
		return 0.0f;

	if (0 == pMotion->GetMotionCount())
#ifdef _DEBUG
		Tracenf("CActorInstance::GetMotionDuration - Invalid Motion Key : %d, %d, %d",
				GET_MOTION_MODE(dwMotionKey), GET_MOTION_INDEX(dwMotionKey), GET_MOTION_SUB_INDEX(dwMotionKey));
		return 0.0f;

	CGrannyMotion * pGrannyMotion = pMotion->GetMotionPointer(0);
	return pGrannyMotion->GetDuration();


When you just stand ingame doing nothing, this gets spammed.

CActorInstance::GetMotionDuration - Invalid Motion Key : 1, 1, 0


Or can someone give me a hint where I have to search.

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